Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hmmm . . . home stretch?

I just keep hoping we'll be in the home stretch of the plague pretty soon. Maybe tomorrow? Iris has been totally knocked out by this. She barely gets off the couch at all and hasn't been interested in eating. The very little bit she did eat today and yesterday came right back up. I went to the toy store today and got her a couple little things to cheer her up. Unfortunately when she is playing on the futon all Eloise wants to do is get in the middle of it, so we dealt with that friction today.

This morning Matt went to get the car ready to leave for work and he rolled the power windows down to clear the condensation. And then they wouldn't roll back up. None of the windows would work. I called the shop at the dealership to ask for advice and he told me to check the fuses. Ah, okay. So I get out the manual and figure out where some of the fuses were. That's the furthest I got. Matt took over and talked to the dealership again and got some more advice and he ended up driving down to the auto parts store, buying a new fuse, taking the old one out and putting the new one in and voila! It was fixed! I couldn't believe it. Anyone who know us knows we can barely put gas in the car, let alone do any kind of repairs. This was so exciting!

By the time the car was fixed Matt just decided to work the rest of the day from home, which was just as well because he started feeling crappier as the day wore on. I hope he is just a little bit sick, we'll see. He talked to his sister this morning and found out that in the 20 minutes we were at her house on Sunday night we infected her and her boyfriend with our plague. What an awful thing for us to do! Luckily we didn't infect the other folks we saw on Sunday. Phew.

I'm doing surprisingly well keeping my anxiety in check about all of this sickness. I am keeping myself super busy so I don't let my mind focus too much on it. I did the dishes four times today, if that's any indication of how much putzing around I've been doing. Eloise and I also spent a good deal of time in Fred Meyer tonight as a way to get out of the house and kill time. You know Eloise is ready to get out when she throws her coat at you and starts making demanding grunting sounds!


  1. I am so glad you're on the road to recovery. And I'm jealous you actually had the energy to do the dishes four times... I need to do that here.


  2. Yeah, me, too. So glad things are turning around for you guys.

    I remember when James was so sick last winter and it knocked him flat like that...it is the strangest thing.

    Good job helping everyone along, mama.


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