Saturday, November 03, 2007

My sweetie is a quitter!

I have been wanting to write a post for a while bragging about Matt's excellent job of quitting some bad habits he has held on to for a long time. I'm immensely proud of his hard work and resolve in making such huge lifestyle changes.

Last summer he decided he was going to stop drinking alcohol. This was a big deal for him, because the man likes to drink. Not like in get trashed every night sort of a way, but more like the day isn't perfect until there is a beer in his hand sort of a way. He goes out to see alot of bands, he goes out with buddies after work, he has business meetings at bars, drinking just goes along with the territory on all of these things. Quitting drinking requires a whole lifestyle change. But, he is doing it. Since August he's only drank like three times. It's amazing. We haven't had any alcohol in our home, either, until my birthday party last month. Now there's a few bottles of wine. It's so much better for Matt's health and so much better for my health. If I'm not having a drink at home, well, then I'm pretty much not drinking, either, since I rarely go out.

In solidarity, I've given up something, too. I've given up eating anywhere that has a drive-thru. I'm not counting coffee stands in this, more things like McDonald's and Taco Bell. And anyone who knows me knows I love to make a run for the border. I haven't slipped up once, and in all honesty, unless we're trapped in the middle of nowhere and the only thing to eat is a big mac, I won't have a need to. My body is thanking me.

Matt has also quit smoking. A few weeks ago he got a lung infection and decided he was done with cigarettes. He hasn't smoked since. Again, I'm so incredibly proud of him. He has been smoking for years and it was one of those things that seemed like it would just always be a part of him, no matter how gross or unhealthy it was. He made the decision to quit and has stuck to it. He has what we like to call "sticktoitiveness". He is a man of his word. No more alcohol? Check. No more cigarettes? Check.

I think as we grow older we start to realize that some of the behaviors we had when we were younger just will no longer cut it. We can't hang in there for the long haul carrying around destructive habits. Matt and I have both made some huge changes in our lives over the past year to step up to the plate and improve our physical and emotional health. It's really been amazing to see how much better things have become. It's hard to let go of old habits. Even if something isn't good for your health, there is a reason we cling to them, like they are security blankets. They provide comfort and it's scary to let go, even if we know it's the best thing to do.

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  1. Wow, yay Matt. Especially for the smoking. That is so awesome. I quit smoking before my wedding as a "gift" to my husband, and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The fear that it would be unbearable to quit is what kept me smoking. And the freedom from that habit has been so awesome. No more thinking about do I have smokes, can I take a smoke break, do I smell like smoke, do I have money for smokes, do I have to run to the gas station, etc, etc, not to mention the health benefits of course.

    But I must say I am a little jealous of Matt's night life! It sounds like he still knows how to have a good time :)


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