Friday, November 30, 2007

Security object

Most children have some kind of security object-- a blankie, a doll, a stuffed animal, things like that. Iris's newest security object has become her puke bucket. Even though she hasn't thrown up in 48 hours she still carries the bucket everywhere with her. This morning she came to wake Eloise and I up and had her trusty bucket in hand. She wouldn't go to bed last night without it by her bedside.

Hopefully we can gently help her eliminate her need to have the bucket by her side. It's kind of grossing me out and reminding me of a plague I'd rather forget as quickly as possible.

p.s. this was my 500th post!


  1. Too funny. You should take a picture so you can always remember it. ;)

  2. OMG that's so funny! Congrats about the snow too. I'm having snow-envy sitting here watching the news. I miss Indiana right now. LOL!


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