Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 kicked ass, bring on 2008!

I am looking back on an amazing year with a champagne-induced sleepiness as well as a headache, so bear with me.

2007 was amazing all around. Yes, we hit some bumps in the road, but that's pretty normal for any year. Nothing majorly terrible happened, we all have our happiness and health, and in fact the year was filled with plenty of highlights.

The only real lowlight I can think of is that I was hit with some crazy anxiety in early 2007, but you know, as far as issues go, it wasn't so bad. It was really good I had a huge support system, a great doctor and a great therapist and I'm doing soooo much better now. Some people drag this kind of stuff out for years without really knowing what's going on or getting the right kind of help, so I'm very grateful it turned out to be something manageable.

Our 2007 highlights:

The big trip this past summer to WI and MI. Yes, there were some rocky points, but you know, when I look back, I only remember the insanely fun stuff. The parts that make you think "ahhhh, summer vacation rules". Iris still talks about our vacation, the cottage we stayed in, the cool stuff we got to do, it's awesome. I hope she remembers that trip forever as her first real vacation and all of the fun she had. Matt and I got in a whopper of a fight at one point, which, of course, sucked, but it also made us step back and realize how incredibly strong we are and one big fight didn't throw us off track.

My 30th birthday surprise party and subsequent marriage proposal. Ah, a night I will always remember. Matt pulled off the greatest surprise ever given to me. I can't believe he (and everyone else involved!) did such an amazing job. If that wasn't enough, he pulled me aside and asked me to marry him. Does a night really get much better than that?

Every single amazing milestone with Eloise and Iris. It seems like every day they are both doing something new and completely mind-blowing. When Eloise has a new word it's like she invented that word and should get a damn Nobel prize for her genius. Iris constantly has new stories, new songs, new drawings and new insights on the world. Sometimes when I quietly observe her going about her day I almost die from my heart exploding of sheer joy and pride. How did I manage to bear a child who is so creative and smart? Yes, my children are crazy sassy, but when I look back on the year, I don't remember that stuff. I think it's the parental amnesia that keeps us all going and that helps many first born children have any sort of prayer of having siblings.

In 2007 Matt stopped drinking AND smoking, two things I honestly thought he would never do. I couldn't be more proud of him and his accomplishment and how hard he works every single day to stay sober and healthy.

I must admit I'm a little nervous for 2008 as I always keep in the back of my head that things could fall apart at any moment. Ah yes, the pessimist rears her ugly head! We have a wedding to look forward to next summer which will likely make the year completely unforgettable. We'll see what else the year has to offer!

Happy New Year All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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