Monday, December 10, 2007

Ahhhh . . .

Both of the girls were in bed by 8:20. We've been transitioning Eloise to going to sleep without being rocked and some nights are a huge struggle still. We lay by her in the bed until she's out, but this can often be quite a chore. The night before last I took a turn, then Matt, then me again. It was exhausting. Tonight, though, she was out in just over half an hour. Sweet! Then I got to read a bedtime story to my darling preschooler. Iris was a gem today. Not perfect, but pretty darn close. I never expect her to be perfect, but I love when she's easy to get along with and I don't have to constantly keep her from smashing on her sister. The girls played together so amazingly well this afternoon, too. At one point they were both in our tiny bathroom and I heard Eloise laughing so hard she was gasping for breath. When she came running out of the bathroom with bubbles on her hands and face, I knew there was a mess in the works, but how can you deny such joy? It was an easy mess to clean up, after all, it was soap!

Matt asked me what I thought helped Iris have such fantastic days. Honestly, I wish I knew. How much sleep did she get? How well did she eat? How was school? What kind of mood am I and her sister in? There are so many factors. If only we could hit the perfect combination every day!

In other news, I found out today the girls may have been exposed to chicken pox. Honestly, I'm crossing my fingers they get it. It's such an incredibly long incubation period (about 14 days), so we'll wait and see. It would mess up the holidays, for sure, but hey, we'd get the whole thing over with! I'm always amazed when a child comes down with CP without the parent knowing how (as was the case with the child we spent time with). So many children are getting vaccinated for it these days, it's amazing children are still naturally contracting it. And thank goodness they are!

And in even other news, a school mama told me today that she wanted to set up a playdate with us. After we got home from school I made a point of emailing the mamas I wanted to try and get together with over the next few weeks. I'm so glad things are working out!


  1. Hey how long is the incubation period? Just wondering cause...

    and exciting play date news!!

  2. That is great to hear about the playdates!! And chicken pox has been spreading around here like crazy!!


  3. Don't worry, it's like a couple of weeks or more. :)

  4. I hope they get CP too! LOL! It's such a relief to have a life-time immunity instead of that dang vaccine that you have to get boosters with. At first I thought the playdate thing was associated with your CP story. I was thinking Pox Party!

  5. Oooh, if they do get chicken pox, can you send over a used (i.e. "contaminated") t-shirt? ;) I would LOVE for my kids to get it so they can have that lifelong immunity and not have to worry about getting it as adults since everyone is getting vaxed for it. I thought Jack was getting it a few months back when I noticed some suspicious red bumps on his chest and belly, but nope...I was so disappointed! Oh's hoping your girls get it and are done with it! I'll send you some virtual calamine lotion!


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