Friday, December 21, 2007

Bursting with excitement

Iris is sooooo excited for Santa to come. I love witnessing the magic through her. Maybe, just a little, I'm re-living my own childhood by instilling the joy of Santa in her. I remember being beyond giddy in the days leading up to Christmas. It's like you couldn't even get any more excited or you would burst open.

We were supposed to travel this weekend to see Matt's family, but because the mountain pass we drive over is going to be quite snowy/icy over the next few days, we're staying put at home. We're all pretty bummed. Even though visits to my future in-laws are stressful they are also alot of fun. We were going to make cookies, open gifts, eat yummy food. I wouldn't sleep, of course, because Eloise hates sleeping normally and when she's away from home it's even worse, but it is worth it every few months to have a nice visit. I'm not sure what we'll do over the next few days to fill our time before Christmas. I thought the trip would be a great distraction for Iris, we have been talking for a couple of weeks how Santa will come on the night we get home from Grandma and Grandpa's house, and now? Now we just sit and wait! I made sure to explain to Iris that Santa was still coming here even though our plans changed. Iris demanded to know who put the ice on the roads so we couldn't get to Grandma's house.

I wish it would snow! We've only had one paltry little snowfall so far this season and I'm ready for more! It gets almost cold enough, but that's all we get. Cold and blah. Give us the snow!

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