Thursday, December 06, 2007

Giving a little

Every Christmas season our family tries to give a little bit to organizations that help families in need. We have found it is pretty easy to do, even if we don't have money laying around begging to be given away. On the message board a group of parents started the Holiday Helpers and members of the Mothering community can sign up if they need a little help for the holidays then anyone who wants to can help out by giving just about anything. Last year we donated several things to the cause and this year we helped out a bit, as well. Matt donated his booking fees to Toys for Tots from a fundraising show they held and we also gathered up some new toys we had been saving up all year. Today on the Mothering boards someone mentioned
this deal for $5 off Polly Pockets. The girls and I drove around to different stores and bought several of the dolls that were $4.99. For the cost of the tax and a couple of hours cruising the toy section of stores, we were able to get a few more toys to donate.

It's nice to be able to do something even though we often feel like we're barely getting ahead, ourselves. Whenever we step back and realize how much we really do have, we see the ways that we can share something with others.

It's also St. Nick's Day, for all of you who know what that is. The girls were thrilled to find that St. Nick had filled their stockings with all kinds of goodies. Iris was also thrilled to be able to keep on of the Polly Pocket's for herself. Of course, now she's totally pissed off that it's made for hands a little more nimble than hers and she can't get any of the clothes on the poor dear. Ah, the fun!

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  1. Ru and I are actually in the process of putting a box of new and slightly used items together for a FIN here in Canada. I love the fact that some items Signal rarely or ever got to wear can be used by someone else.

    I know what you mean about how it feels good to give even if you don't have a ton of extras floating around yourself. It just makes the season brighter somehow!


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