Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh, the irony

Yesterday I was going to sit down and write a blog post about how poorly behaved my littlest sweetie is when it comes to having friends over for a play date. You see, we had a couple of friends here for a little bit, a friend of Iris's from school and his little sister. Eloise was less than a stellar hostess as she walloped the little girl and pretty much just made her cry as much as she could. Of course, I had hoped I could sit back and smile as the kids happily played, but instead I realized that I needed to stay right on top of Eloise to keep her from doing too much more harm.

Well, here's the kicker: today we all went for a play date over at Matt's bosses house, as she has a little guy the same age as Eloise. Guess who was doing all of the crying there? Yep, Miss Eloise. Every time she got poked or pushed she broke down sobbing. It was so interesting to see her go from the brute to the fragile little flower.

In other news, Iris has been impressing us all over the place with her smartypantsedness (and yes, that's a word!). Last night I was playing a little game online (this game, if you're looking for a good way to waste time!). Iris wanted to help, so I had her clicking on the touch pad buttons on the laptop. We decided to check out some other sites that had fun little kid games and headed over to Sesame Street. Iris was able to use the touch pad on the lap top and move the cursor around and click on things. She could play most of the games completely independently! Matt and I were so surprised she had the coordination to figure it out. Laptop touch pads aren't that easy to use, either. I had thought that eventually we would get a real mouse for her to use, but I just thought it would be a while before she got in to it. Nope!

Also, this afternoon she was looking at a drawing someone from her school made and asked "why is there a trapezoid on there?"

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  1. We may just have to accept the fact that our oldest child is a terrible, terrible person. :)


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