Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Queen of the beans

Recently I figured out how to cook dried beans. You would think, as someone who was a vegetarian for 13 years, has a nutrition degree and loves to cook, I would already know how to do this. Sadly, I didn't. I decided to give it a go, though, knowing I could utilize my trusty crock-pot in this new endeavor. I must say, cooking beans from scratch is pretty damn fun. I have made some pinto bean mush already,but no worries, as I turned it in to some tasty refried beans! It's amazing how much money you save, as well. Canned organic beans are expensive. Even from Trader Joe's. And they're not that yummy, either. I have caught myself sneaking cooked garbanzos on more than one occasion. Even without salt they are delicious!

On another note, last night my good friend emailed asking if Matt and I could watch her daughter on Friday night. She asked if her daughter could stay late and go to bed with Iris? Well, I was so excited when I got her email I about fell over. Every day Iris asks if this little girl can come for a sleep over, so she's going to freak when we tell her that her friend will be laying down with her when she goes to bed. I think my friend probably thinks we're a little cuckoo because both Matt and I immediately wrote back very enthusiastic emails saying we'd love to have her here. Who gets that excited about babysitting?


  1. Wow, Vomitting Butt Plague and now the Chicken Pox. Maybe we will be seeing you after our trip. :)

  2. Fun! Your first (almost) sleepover!

    I'm so glad things are looking up in the playtime arena. :)

  3. Oh, I can totally relate to being excited about babysitting!!! We have friends here with whom we have a standing babysitting swap-- it's excellent! And I just love having their little girl over because then mine is entertained and happy!


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