Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sixteen month update!

Tomorrow Eloise will be sixteen months old! She has been a lot of fun and a huge pain in the ass all at once this past month.

Some highlights:

She is a fantastic dancer. Her latest style involved putting one arm up in the air and the other sort of waving around at her waist. This has become her signature move and is sort of reminiscent of playing air guitar. She loves when music starts and will just stand in front of the stereo and dance. Please observe:

She hates sleep. Matt and I have tried transitioning her to a new night time routine, but it's wearing us out as it takes her close to two hours for her to fall asleep. No, we're not letting her cry-it-out, but rather a modified version of the famous "no cry sleep solution". A wise mama on MDC suggested maybe she just isn't ready for the change? Now why didn't I think of that? Oh, right, cause I'm freakin' exhausted.

Eloise experienced her first real snowfall. Last year it snowed here a few times, but she was always snuggled up sleeping in a sling the one or two times she was out in it. Per Matt's report, she tried ducking to keep the flakes from hitting her. To her credit, the snowflakes were amazingly large!

She has gotten really good at climbing on and rocking the elephant she got for her birthday. It wasn't such a hit at 12 months, but now? She loves it!

    We have successfully failed (or passed?) the two eliminations Eloise and I did. Neither wheat nor dairy seems to be affecting her cough. Of course, a smart mama from Iris's preschool suggested Eloise might actually be allergic to both of them and you wouldn't know that unless you eliminated them both at the same time, not one after the other. Oh, dear. I'm going to pretend I know nothing about this idea. I really do wonder if her coughing is a reaction to something airborn and would like to get an air purifier before too long.

    Both of the girls (and their parents!) survived The Plague a few weeks back, marking the first time Eloise has been sick with more than a minor cold, so that was exciting. Turns out taking care of two sick children, plus a sick fiancee, is totally do-able for me. Thanking my lucky stars The Plague was very gentle with me!

    That's the main selling points of the past month in Eloise's life. Riveting, eh?

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    1. I feel you on the exhaustion front. We've just hit a bad spell with Signal's sleep and I was up, oh 5 (?) times with him last night. Sorry I had to mention that maybe she's not ready... ;)


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