Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend wrap-up report

Whew! Another weekend flies by. It was a good one, although I feel like I saw Matt about as much this weekend as I usually see of him during the week. We were both on different agendas, I guess.

Yesterday I took Iris shopping with me and we had alot of fun. We went to a popular shopping area and I was bracing myself for mayhem, but it really was no worse than a regular Saturday would be. We parked right in front of a David's Bridal store and I was like, "hey Iris, let's go check out the dresses!" We walked in and right away I knew I was in the wrooooong place. We ooohed and aaaaahed over the flower girl dresses and quickly browsed the bridesmaid dresses, but that was it. I love how gorgeous wedding gowns are, but it's just not me. Then we stopped at Michael's, had lunch at a taco place, picked up a few ornaments at Kohl's and then headed home. Matt bought us Indian food for dinner with the money he made the night before at a show, so that was a deeeelicious end to the day.

Today Iris and I battled the crowds again to grocery shop. I slept in quite late because Eloise has been up all night nursing the last few nights, so we got a late stop to our shopping. This evening we all went to a potluck for the families at Iris's school. It was really a nice time! I was nervous, considering I feel like an outsider sometimes, but I had alot of fun. One of the other mamas wanted to set up a playdate with me and another mama told Iris we could have a playdate with their family. Hoorah! Hopefully all of my whining and moaning is putting some vibes out in the world to make something change? Who knows. But I'm going to try and keep the momentum going.

Our Christmas shopping is almost completely done, which I am excited about. I have been trying to sell some stuff we no longer use on Craigslist and have been applying that money towards our Christmas purchases, as well. It's nice to get through another holiday no deeper in debt than we started the season in. Iris has been asking so much about Santa Claus, and Christmas, what trees and lights are for, why people are out ringing bells for money, etc etc. It's so much fun to talk to her about all of it and watch the magic grow. We are totally fostering the idea of Santa Claus in her. I know alot of people who aren't doing that with their children, but we are okay with it. It was the way Matt and I were raised and we really enjoyed it, nor did it cause us any kind of trauma when we finally learned the truth, so we're comfortable passing the tradition along to our children.

Okay, this post is getting long and scattered, so I'll sign off for now!


  1. I haven't had Indian in SO long. O. is not a fan so we abstain. I've only seen one Indian place in all of Bellingham. What kind of city is this? I'm used to living new one on every corner!

    About Santa - how do you know you haven't suppressed the trauma?

  2. Speaking of repressed trauma, do you think my youthful belief in Santa Claus could be causing my recurring nightmares about being accosted by bearded men who sneak in to my home through my chimney?


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