Friday, December 14, 2007

You're broccoli!

Right now, as I type, Iris is lying in bed with her dear friend, trying to go to sleep. They are chatting back and forth and over the monitor I hear Iris say to her friend "you're broccoli!" and her friend says "I'm not broccoli, I'm banana!" Ah, the hilarity of three year olds. We'll see if either of them actually fall asleep. At least they're having fun!

Today the girls and I met some friends at the Imagine Children's Museum in Everett. We had never been there before and it really is a sweet little museum. It was really nice because there were hardly any people there so the kids really got to race around and do whatever they wanted to. I have such a hard time wrangling both kids and trying to chat with anyone else, but it was okay. Neither of my children harmed any other children, so that was a plus!

After the museum we went to the outlet mall and I spent some money I shouldn't have, but it sure was fun! We raced home and got here moments before Iris's friend showed up.

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