Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boo, but also, Yay!

The other day I ordered some super clearance shorts off of Lucy.com. I loves me some Lucy clothes, but I usually can't afford to shop there. Of course, I couldn't pass up $65 shorts that were marked down to $10. And I had a code for free shipping. Woo Hoo! (PSA: always check out RetailMeNot.com before you order anything online!) I debated buying them because the size left in the color I wanted was the size I am currently shrinking out of, but assuming I had possibly been misled by the smaller "vanity sizing" number on the tag of my Old Navy jeans, I went ahead and ordered the shorts anyways.

Imagine my surprise and disappointment when the shorts arrived today and they were so big on me I could pull them on without unbuttoning them! Wow. I guess that answers that.

Back to Lucy the shorts will go, maybe I'll find some other shorts in the store that I like?

Anyways, it was truly a feel-good moment for me. Just wanted to share!

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  1. That's it Mama-San, its fried chicken and malt liquor for you from here on out. We gotta put some meat back on those bones you waif!


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