Sunday, January 06, 2008


Needing a break from the home today, I set out for a walk around Greenlake all by myself. Even though it was cold and rainy, there were lots of folks out at Greenlake today. For the first time I could keep a really good walking pace going without needing to stop the entire way around for the needs of various family members. It was also nice to see local celebrity John Richards hauling ass around the lake for a Sunday run. It might be interesting to some of you to know he didn't seem to be listening to music as he ran, though in the profession that he is in, he probably seeks a solace from it whenever he can.

Iris was very interested in having me teach her some yoga this afternoon, as well. Which I enjoyed immensely except for her sister trying to climb all over me like I was a jungle gym. We'll have to do more yoga when Eloise is napping. I bought Iris a tiny yoga mat for like $4 a little while back and having been saving it for a special occasion. Today I took it out and it's really small. Like maybe just barely the right size for Eloise if she happened to want to take up yoga. Alas, I will have to get Iris a new mat. She really likes the idea of having her own mat, so I'll have to find something. I already ordered the girls new shoes and new SIGG bottles for their Valentine's Day gifts, so we'll have to see where a yoga mat fits in. I want to get Matt a yoga mat for V-Day (and he already knows this) so once I find a small one for Iris and an extra-long one for Matt we'll be like the three little bears doing yoga together!

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