Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cute, cute and more cute

I know everyone is talking about it right now, but seriously, go see Juno. Go see it right now. It's so cute and touching. Matt and I both gave it ten out of ten. It was flawless. Matt and I enjoyed a lovely date night out at the movies and then a little shopping at DAISO. He had never been there before and we had a great time browsing and even picked out a few things.

This afternoon the whole family went for a walk around Greenlake. Well, it was us and half of the rest of the city. It was such a gorgeous day out, sunny and close to 50. It is nice to be out in January with a vest on, but I really do miss the snow. Why can't we get some more snow?!?! Grr. I was telling Matt how wasteful it feels to go for such a nice long walk without a dog at our side. Sigh. Someday, someday.

Our limited tv time is still going really well. Iris has been engaged in alot of art projects and is starting to understand that she just isn't going to be watching as much tv anymore. When she does watch a show she is generally good about turning the tv off when it's over. So far we haven't had any big fights or melt-downs. Phew!

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  1. OMG today in Seattle was gorgeous! We had to pick up my MIL at the airport and we made a furniture shopping day out of it. I thought of you at University Village!


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