Friday, January 18, 2008

Eloise cuteness

Here are some photos and video we got of Eloise tonight. Matt and I had a fun play session with her and neither of us could remember ever having alone time with her and both of us. It was lots of fun!

These are two photos of the response you'll get if you ask her where something is or where something went:

This is the response you'll get if you ask her where her head is:

This is a video of us trying to get her to dance, but she pretty much just ran around:

This is a video of her playing ball with Matt and I:

The sweatshirt she is wearing is her new most favorite article of clothing. She picked it out last night, demanded I put it on her and then freaked when I tried to take it off of her so I could put her jammies on. So, yeah, she slept in it. And has worn it all day today. It's pretty gross now so there will be quite the melt-down when it gets taken off tonight for a washing. The sweatshirt came from my sister, so at least one of her boys wore it, then Iris had it, now it belongs to Eloise!

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