Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eloise's golden 17 month birthday!

Enjoying an evening massage

Eloise is turning 17 months on January 17th, it's a golden birthday!

This past month has been all about Eloise exerting her independence. She has the whole acting like a sack of potatoes thing down pat if you're trying to dress her, as well as the "alligator death roll", a term my friend Michele coined, if you're trying to put on her diaper. She screams, throws some serious tantrums and has mastered whacking her sister over the head, often in retaliation. She makes her moods wellllll known, especially if she isn't in a good one!

Eloise has a bunch of new words and can point out most major body parts. The most fun thing is how excited she gets when you say "Eloise, where's your hand" and she pulls out her hands and beams. She says "thank you" pretty consistently now and it makes us melt every time. If she doesn't say it, I say "what do you say?" and then she will. If you ask her where something is she'll put both of her hands out, palm side up and kind of shrug with that questioning look on her face. We never taught her sign language but she makes up her own! The other day she tossed some food on the floor, pointed at it and the threw up her hands in the shrug as if to say "wha happened?".

Eloise is also so much more of an adventurer than Iris was at this age. She tries to climb on anything, anywhere, and is fearless as far as just wandering off and doing her own thing. If she is dawdling and you say "okay, Eloise, see you later!" she won't even look up. With Iris that did, and still does, cause her to immediately be at your side.

She still has two and a half teeth. I swear, she's like the slowest teether in the world. Her favorite foods are still rice and beans, just like her sister. A while back she started using utensils but she's definitely very good at it now. Throwing food across the dinner table is a fun past time, a bad habit which is made no easier by it eliciting laughter from her sister. Ah, the positive reinforcement she was searching for!

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