Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I want my mommy.

I'm a pretty terrible sick person. All adult-like sensibilities that I've got go right out the window and all I want is my mommy to come and take care of me. Even worse, when I'm a sick person the last thing I want to do is be extra attentive to sick children. Luckily Iris is pretty good at just laying low when she's sick but Eloise is still so little, she needs alot of cuddles and attention.

I had a mini breakdown today. It's all been overwhelming. I was on the phone with the doctor's office earlier in the day and the medical assistant said the doctor wanted to see all of us. He transferred me to the front desk and I would bet my life that the receptionist said that we had an appt this afternoon at 2:00. We bundle everyone up and drive over there and wouldn't you know it, the appt is actually tomorrow. Oh I was so annoyed. Back home we all went. We'll go back tomorrow. Because I'm a whiny little baby when I'm sick the on-call doctor at the office has been called every single night with my every ache, pain and goober of green phlegm.

Thank goodness for Matt. He has taken care of all three of us, putting up with my random, intermittent bursts of anxiety which cause me to need to stay busy even though my body needs to rest. A wonderful thing that anxiety is!

I do think we're on the mend, though. Well, three of four ain't bad, I should say. Eloise is the last to go through this all. I hope she is spared the full wrath.

Oh, and I'm now ready to kill the person who created a 24/7 Noggin channel. We have watched it pretty much every waking moment from Friday through today and I can no longer stand it.


  1. Oh sad. I'm sorry that you're all still sick. I'd want my mommy too.


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