Friday, January 04, 2008


Today Iris has requested to be called Karen. And for Eloise to be called Tella. Every day it's a different name, I wish I remembered to write them down more often!

I was a terrible, mean mama and forced Iris to get out of her pajamas and get outside. She screamed and cried and through a monster fit, but the second she was outside riding her trike she was happy as a clam. We walked about 12 blocks to the nearest Starbucks (can you believe we live in Seattle and that's the closest Starbucks?!?!) because that's where I had a gift card to use. I got the girls a cup of vanilla milk and little Eloise tripped on the sidewalk, spreading her vanilla milk everywhere. Surprisingly, she wasn't upset. On the way home we stopped at a park and as the girls were swinging and laughing I was immediately reminded exactly why I drag Iris out of the house even when she doesn't want to go. I even said to her "Isn't this fun babe? Aren't you glad we came for a walk?" so which she gleefully replied "Yeah! Call me Karen!"

In the past few days I've launched a major campaign for my mom to give us one of the puppies from her dog's next litter. The dog having the pups is Lily's grand-daughter, so it would be really extra special to me to have a pup from her bloodline. I've convinced Matt and so now I'm working on my mom. Wish me luck!

In closing I wanted to offer a big ol' cyber-hug to my friend Melissa, whose family had to put down their sweet kitty, Lemmy, this morning. I have spent a good deal of time with Lemmy, including the night I watched Melissa's older son while she was in the hospital having her second baby and Lemmy slept at my feet on the couch. He was truly a wonderful kitty and I know Melissa and her family will miss him dearly. A very sad day, indeed.

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  1. I think there are more Starbucks elsewhere than in Seattle or Washington. Because really, that's all they have. We have 5000 different coffee places. :) And 4950 of them are drive thrus. I love Washington for this reason alone.


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