Friday, January 18, 2008

My sick girl

I took a picture of Iris sleeping on the couch today and as I was looking through the picture folder on our computer I thought that this was the photo of her today. It turned out that was last time she was sick. Here's today:

She's currently on her fourth nap of the day. She's so out of it. Not like scary out of it, but she just doesn't want to talk or move or eat or do anything but sleep and watch Noggin. I kept trying to talk to her and she'd just ignore me like I wasn't there.

She did request grapes today. Grapes. That's it. Of anything in the whole world. So, I spent $11 on grapes for my sick little girl.

It's so weird to me because she rarely gets sick and now this is the second time she's been sick in just under two months. Of course, this time doesn't involve the plague of death, but she's just as lifeless, minus the occasional vomiting. Hooray for that! We missed a play date this morning we had been looking forward to and we also will miss one of Iris's very best friend's birthday parties tomorrow. We are hoping to have another little party for the friend next weekend, which I am sure the friend will enjoy, but I mostly know how much it will kill Iris to miss this party. We want to make sure the girls get to celebrate together!

What's the deal with a fever that has no other symptoms? Well, none other than extreme tiredness and lack of appetite. She reports that nothing is hurting, she isn't coughing or sneezing, no vomiting or diarrhea, nothing. Who knows. So far Eloise is well, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time!

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