Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New videos

Watch out Avril! You likely won't believe me, but we don't listen to the Avril Levigne song that Iris is attempting to sing here. I think we've just heard it so many times on the tv and it's so catchy that we get it stuck in our heads. I'm certainly guilty of walking around singing this song, too, but I'm lucky there's no video footage of me doing it (I hope!)

Here is one last holiday video for ya'll. Iris singing "Chingle Bells". Last year it was "Tinkle Bells" but it has since evolved. I wonder what it will be next year?

I must say even though I looooove the holidays, I'm glad they're over. I think the festivities last just long enough and are just draining enough so that we're ready to move on come January 1st.

In other news, my right arm is seriously sore from playing the Wii last night. Wowzers. I feel the need to clarify it's not that I'm out of shape, but rather those are muscles I never use in that way so it was quite a strain, apparently! Never-the-less, it was alot of fun. Since we can't afford to purchase a Wii of our very own, we're thinking of proposing a sort of visitation schedule to our friends who have one. I wonder if they'd go for it?


  1. Sounds like you have a common case of "Wii Elbow" Mama-San.


  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Those are so cute!

    I have been reading all of your posts and had so many comments but never left them. Please forgive me.

    Happy, happy new year to you all and GOOD JOB on the weight loss!!

  3. I like to sing that song, too. Maybe Iris can listen to my iPod with me the next time I'm over. :)

  4. I had to go watch this again today. I love Iris and now my coworkers do, too. :)


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