Monday, January 07, 2008

Not my best idea ever

After having such a great walk around Greenlake yesterday I decided to squeeze in another one with Eloise in the backpack before picked Iris up from school. I gave us just enough time to get around it at a good pace without stopping. Miss Eloise, of course, had another idea. About half way around the three mile loop she got pretty agitated and started fussing and then crying. I stopped and took her out of the backpack and carried her for a bit but I wasn't making very good time and we had to get back to pick up Iris from school. I stuck Eloise back in the backpack and she howled her head off the last 1/4 of the walk. Oh, relaxing! I am sure the other folks walking today were thrilled with me, as well. If I had had more time I could have stopped and hung out with her, but alas, I didn't give us enough leeway for that. Anyways, maybe it was a good idea, but next time I'll walk after dropping Iris off at school instead of before picking her up so we have more time in case Eloise has worn her cranky pants, which is highly likely.

It does feel good to be getting so much exercise in. I've felt and looked better than I have in a long time so it is definitely a motivator to keep going.

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