Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's up

Not much new to report over here. Still sick.

Matt is probably doing the best, slightly beating out Iris who has a pretty good cough. I'm doing a tiny bit better each day. Today I feel like I have a cold but am much more tired than I normally am. Eloise is the worst. I think she got affected with the flu the same way I did. She alternates between periods of being feverish and crying and clingy and then she'll be acting normal and running all over the place. It's frustrating because Eloise is the only contagious one, still, so we can't really hang out with friends. Poor Iris keeps asking when she can see friends. We were going to go to the park today but it was super cold and raining. Instead we drove around while the girls napped in the car and then went to Michael's where we picked out a ton of new art supplies for Iris.

Of course, when we got home we were all exhausted and laid around until Matt made dinner.

On Thursday night I got an acupuncture treatment which was really wonderful. I'm a little annoyed in that they gave me some seriously vile tasting Chinese herbs to help get the crap out of my lungs, but they make me nauseous, so I won't take them. I'm excited to go back for more acupuncture again this week. It should really help with my flu as well as get my anxiety back in check after being so sick.

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