Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

So what have you all done with your extra day this year? We relaxed and enjoyed it as a family. Matt stayed home from work today so that we could all catch up on our rest and just have a nice long weekend together. I got to sleep in with Eloise, which is always a lovely treat, and we all gathered up our stuff for a park outing this morning.

Usually in Seattle the day starts out with dreary, cold weather and then around noon-ish it starts getting nicer. Not today, it was the exact opposite. I was so glad we got out when we did!

I have done a little re-arranging of our main living space over the past week. Over the cold months all of our furniture was pushed against the wall to protect the girls from getting at the baseboard heater. Now that we aren't turning it on very much anymore we can have a much more visually interesting lay-out to the room. I added some storage to the girl's play area, as well re-arranging it to delineate the space a little better. So, now the big room has little areas to use instead of having everything pushed up against the wall all the way around it. I like it much better the way it is now, feels more cozy. Matt is going to be talking to some friends about coming over and painting for us, as well. We would do it ourselves but something tells me that it would be a wee bit tricky with the girls in the way.

Iris has been quite the handful for the last week or more. It's been hard for Matt and I to deal with her calmly, we both get really frustrated with her these days. I am going to re-implement the dates Matt and I take with her as it definitely seemed to make a positive change in her behavior and increased our connection with her when we used to do this more. Hopefully we'll come up with something fun to do tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alert the media!

Both of my daughters are napping at the same time. Oh. My. Goodness. Iris hasn't napped without being ill in over a year now.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up and making lunch and I came out to the living room to find her curled up on the floor in her blanket snoozing away. Now I will tip toe around so as not to wake her!

Or maybe I will go lay down myself? Ahhhh . . . . . .

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh keys, where art thou?

Typically I'm really good about keeping track of stuff. I am not organized, per se, but I always know where stuff is. Other than that one incident where I lost Eloise's social security card. But oddly, I found it last month exactly where it was supposed to be all along, so where was it the year earlier? Hmmmm.

Anyways, the one thing I lose alot is my keys. I don't know why. I never put them back in the same place. Sometimes Eloise snatches them and I don't notice-- we were once very late to Iris's soccer class because Eloise had put my keys under the bean bag in the reading corner. Silly Pooties! Today, though, I looked for 40 minutes for those damn keys. I ended up using a spare car key to get Iris to school and had to leave the front door unlocked while we were gone. Matt suggested I look in the only place in the whole stupid apartment I hadn't looked: coat pockets in the closet. Oh, gee, guess where the keys were? (Here is where I smack my hand against my forehead). I'm such an ass.

Anyways, I'm going to get one of these puppies STAT:

You press that one button and it emits an alarm from the key ring that is attached to your keys. You might think this is a little extreme, but you also probably aren't my crying daughter hysterical about why I can't bring her to school/soccer/wherever because my keys are lost. It will be $25 WELL spent.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a day!

I had such a fun day.

You can read about the fun I had picking out my wedding dress here. I couldn't be more in love with this dress. I will consider myself lucky that I found my dress after trying on only four (well, it was actually the first of four I tried on today). After looking at dresses I took Melissa and Julie (my maid of honor and bridesmaid) out to lunch. It was a super fun girl's lunch. We had cocktails. Ate BBQ. Had dessert. We also talked weddings, of course. Melissa has so much great advice for me, having already done this herself. The girls want to take me to Vancouver for a bachelorette party! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have such great friends. My only complaint is not seeing them anywhere near as much as I'd like. We are all so busy with our lives, it can often be hard to find time to catch up. Today was perfect, though.

After I got home from all of that fun Matt and the girls and I went over to the cafe/bar where our reception is going to be held at. I took lots of pictures, which I posted here. It was so fun to think about the reception and talk about the food and figure out how we might do a little decorating.

After that we took the girls over to Izilla Toys and played for a bit. We got Iris a Yo Baby board. They have these at her school and she LOVES them. After we got home we discovered Eloise likes it, too! I would have never thought to get one for Iris if I hadn't seen her at school playing with it.

After some pizza for dinner and getting the girls to bed a bit late, we're all beat. Iris is doing a little bit better tonight after having a rough night last night and waking up with a good fever. We hope she's well enough tomorrow to hang out with our friends so Matt and I can finally get our Valentine's Day dinner in. We'll see!

Here are a couple cute pictures of Eloise from today:

Walking in dada's shoes

The princess with snowboots

Friday, February 22, 2008

My poor babe

Iris has had a really rough season of sickness. She has been more sick since Thanksgiving than she ever has in her life. I am not sure why. Maybe with having Eloise here, too? Her being in school more hours of the week? Last year and the year before she was in co-op and she never got so sick, so I don't know. People will say, well, if she's getting sick now she won't get sick as much when she's older! But what does that mean? I don't understand the logic, but I'm eating it up because it's making me feel better.

Around five weeks ago now we all came down with the flu. The coughing started at the end of the flu and for the most part it has been going away. In the past few days Iris's cough has gotten worse and she has had intermittent fevers. Her energy has been completely normal, in fact she walked several blocks each way to the park and back today. But the cough. Oh, the cough. I even tried cough medicine and it isn't doing anything. She is having a hard time staying asleep. There is a cool-mist humidifier running in her room, but so far it doesn't sound like that is working, either. I just want her to be feeling great again. I want the sickies to just leave us alone for the rest of the season, k? You hear that sickies? We're through with ya!

I realized tonight that I never offered up the resolution to my broken rib. About a week ago the pain pretty much went away completely. I haven't had any pain at all in a few days, so that's pretty exciting. It is awesome to finally feel normal and healthy again!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unconditional Parenting?

I have been reading Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn over the past week or so. At first I was really in to and feeling like the man was some sort of genius who finally tapped in to the secret to raising children. The tone he took turned me off a bit, but I charged ahead, sure that it wouldn't be a big deal. Well, it turns out that, for me, the tone WAS a big deal. I feel like he basically ridicules any parenting choices that aren't what he advocates. He ridicules other parenting books, as well. Kohn offers up a good deal of statistics to support his point of view, that children need to learn that they are loved unconditionally and therefor it's dangerous to their psyche to provide them with punishments OR rewards. For instance, if a child is sent to time-out, Kohn insists that the only thing a child gets out of it is feeling like her parents no longer love her. Kohn also insists that if a child is praised for a job well done the message they get is that they are only loved because they did a good job, so by golly, they better keep doing a good job in order to continue to earn the parent's love!

In theory, I like that idea. I like the idea of being careful when you are praising/punishing your child and to be aware of the messages that sends to your child. However, in reality, I believe it's much, much more complicated than that. Kohn does give a nod to a child's more complex thought patterns in his book by saying that if a child is sent to a time-out, the only thing they will learn is that next time they want to do something they shouldn't be doing, that they will need to figure out a more sneaky way to do it so they won't get caught and put in to time-out.

Maybe my 3 1/2 year old is an anomoly, but these explanations do not fit her at all. In many respects she does have pretty simple thought processes, but she also comes up with amazing ideas that I can never believe sprang out of her young mind. Iris clearly understands that dissappointment/punishment does not equal not being loved. Last night, as I was getting her ready to go to bed, she said to me, "mama, I do love you, but I really want dada to put me to bed tonight". She knew that she could disappoint me without saying that she doesn't love me. I believe that she also understands we can disappoint her without saying that we don't love her.

The children in this house are showered with so much love, hugs and kisses that their parents are often pushed away for smothering them too much. They are praised/punished as necessary, but always, always showered with plenty of love. I think there would be a problem if a child was constantly punished or constantly praised in such a way that that was the only sort of interaction they were receiving from their parents.

Anyways, that is my rant for the day. Has anyone else read this book? Care to offer your two cents?

Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been sensitive to it my whole life, but recently have become even more so in tune with the social stigma against people who have issues such as anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, etc. I have struggled with several forms of mental disorder on and off throughout alot of my life. Most recently dealing with a phobia, anxiety and panic attacks.

Immediately it became clear to me that not even all health professionals, not even all mental health professionals understand these particular disorders. I've had my issues trivialized, ignored, misunderstood and misdiagnosed. I am now fortunate enough to have an amazing doctor and therapist that I work with and for the most part have my issues under control, but it's still something I have to work at on a daily basis.

If health professionals can't grasp the enormity of these issues, it's understandable, although still often infuriating, why the community at large can't comprehend how serious and debilitating it can be. It is so sad to me how amazingly insensitive many people can be about it. Making jokes about people's situation, thinking it's ridiculous what they are going through, that they should just "knock it off", etc etc. When someone has, say, a broken leg, it's easy to see that they are struggling and need some help. When someone is having severe anxiety, however, it's not apparent to those on the outside what is going on. Even if you try to explain it, it can be very hard to understand. People who have gone through similar issues are usually enormous amounts of support, because they get it, whereas other people often don't.

I guess what I mostly am trying to say is, I just wish people were more understanding. Not in the way that they have to go learn about these disorders so they understand how they work, but rather in the way that they can understand that disorders like this exist in people and are very real and very debilitating. Maybe even be a little more understanding that usual that a person is struggling with an issue that has a great deal of social stigma behind it and they may not have a great support system around them.

Be gentle, is what I should say, in a nutshell.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy 18 month Birthday Eloise!

Today Eloise turned 18 months old! I measured her on her height chart and she was 33 1/2" tall. No clue on her weight, but she's certainly hefty!

Eloise continues to exert her independence. For example, she insists on climbing the flight of stairs up to our apartment all on her own and has just started climbing in to her car seat on her own, as well. She is rapidly expanding her vocabulary, adding words like water, popo (for popsicle), walk, boon (balloon), sock, shoe, blankie, butt, poopy and potty in the last couple of weeks.

She still has only three teeth in front (two on bottom, one on top) but I just discovered she has one teeth on each side of the top her mouth that popped through! Quite an interesting pattern her teeth are following.

Iris and Eloise still have their issues, as they likely always will, but it's been fun to see them connecting more and being very sweet and tender with each other. I wish they were ready to share a bed, but that's still a long ways off. Eloise is still a pretty terrible sleeper, but we're not pushing her. It exhausts me but I figure out ways to get the rest I need. I know it's not forever!

We are struggling with redirecting her tendency to hit and pull hair. Alot of it is directed at her sister, but we need to stay close at playdates, as well. She still attacks the cat, which is seriously frustrating. Not sure how many times we need to say "off the kitty!" before she actually listens, but we'll keep trying!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Who left me in charge here?


Matt was out of town for Valentine's Day so it was just me and kiddos. We managed. Barely. We woke up at the ungodly hour of 7:24 (which was even better than today's 7:15!). Before soccer we picked up some last minute Valentine's things at Fred Meyer so we didn't look like complete a-holes when we went to visit friends for a little celebrating. We only looked semi-a-holeish, phew! My friend Melissa is one of those insanely thoughtful people that always has the perfect little gifts for the kids and makes yummy treats and has fun crafts for the kids. I'm the one who picks up a pack of Valentine's colored Play Doh on the drive over and calls it a day. Oops.

We had alot of fun playing with Melissa and her boys. Eloise annoyed her older son. Come to think of it, so did Iris. At one point we had the two bigger kids outside in the yard playing so the little ones could nap inside. They have this huge yard with tons of cool stuff to do and it was gorgeous out. Both of the kids just wanted to go inside. I will never understand-- aren't kids supposed to like being outside?

Because Melissa is the most thoughtful person I know, she had made us a dinner to send us home with so I didn't have to cook dinner for the girls last night. It was soooooo delicious, too.

When we got home from their house I lasted about an hour before my sweet, darling, perfect little children were driving me up the wall and we had to get out again. I loaded us up and headed over to Tar-zhay. I hate it when people call it that, but you know, it was Valentine's Day, so it seems a little fitting, no? I got one of those stupid big carts where the girls could sit on the seats and be buckled in. What is wrong with me? I hate those things. I attempted to manuever that thing all over the store until Eloise was completely breaking down and we had to get home. I gave the girls a late dinner and an early bedtime. Ca-ching!

Then I settled in to do some exercise and get ready for my guilty pleasure Make Me A Supermodel. My sweet, darling girls went to sleep easily and neither of them woke up after being put to bed, which is seriously like, um, like pigs flying or something. It just never happens.

Of course, this morning started off with Iris shoving her sister in to a corner of the entrance of our kitchen and she is developing an impressive bruise as we speak. I will post pictures as soon as it's CPS-worthy enough, m'kay? Alfie Kohn would not be impressed with the time out Iris received for doing this, but you know, I'm no superhero and MAN was I pissed.

Off to see if I can salvage the day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentime's Day!

I love how Iris says Valentine's. It comes out "Valentimes".

Not much time to post as I'm just waiting for "Make me a Supermodel" to end so I can go to bed.

I hope you all had a supremely awesome day filled with tons of love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reason # 7824 why Iris hates to go outside

"Because it's too airy out there!"

Yes, this is a direct quote taken from Iris when asked why she didn't want to go outside today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is a good news only post, folks!

I met with my doctor today and got the okay to do some exercising again!!! Yahoo!!! I just can't overdo it, but I don't need to be a couch potato. Not that I was, or even could be, but this is great news. I am already a bit out of shape, yikeys! I did my usual night time ab/yoga routine and I felt so rusty. But, yay! Will be trying out the backpack again tomorrow to see if I can wear Eloise right now. I don't have high hopes that it won't cause me a lot of pain, considering I'm wearing almost 30 lbs on my back when I have it on, but I'll be thrilled if it works out!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend wrap-up report

It was a fun and busy weekend, for sure!

  • My rib is still killing me and I'm still coughing quite a bit. Fun, fun! I felt a distinctive "pop" in the area of my ribs where the pain is radiating from and after that I was hurting a bit more than I have been most of the last week.
  • I wrote about our caucus in the previous post. Good times. Matt just told me a father sitting next to us, with two children of his own, guessed Iris to be six years old. Wowzers.
  • We attended two birthday parties this weekend! The one yesterday was a blast. The girl's parents made a pinata that Iris wanted nothing to do with while the children were taking turns hitting it. Of course, from the moment we left the party she has talked about nothing but making her own pinata. This afternoon Matt took the girls out to the park so I could rest and reported back that Iris just stood in the middle of the playground crying and clutching her hat saying she wanted to go home. She can be very confusing. We're not sure why she does this kind of stuff or what's going through her little head sometimes, it can be frustrating and also heart-wrenching at the same time. After the park Matt brought the girls over to our friend's house for some play time with their three little ones. He only came home with Eloise and Iris stayed there to play. I went to pick her up tonight before our second birthday party. Our friends said Iris was well-behaved, which was a relief after how cantankerous she had been earlier in the day. The second birthday party was fun, it was at a small gym which was called, appropriately enough, The Little Gym. Iris enjoyed it so much we're going to consider signing her up for classes there.
  • We're heading in to yet another stressful week here. Between my illness/injury and Matt's stress at work we're on system overload. I'm super happy that I'm interviewing a new babysitter this week. She is a stay at home mama with two little ones and it sounds like she has a nice home with lots of place to play outside so I'm going to cross my fingers it works out!
  • The parents of the little girl whose birthday party we attended at The Little Gym just told us they are moving to New York City at the end of the month! We're so bummed. We don't get to see them anywhere near as often as we would like, often going months between visits. It always felt like there would be time to hang out eventually, but now there isn't anymore. My brother and his family live in NYC so now we have two good reasons to go out there for a visit.
  • Our friend, the mama of the three kids I mentioned, has suggested to us that Iris might benefit from a school for more advanced children. I'm not sure if Iris would fit the qualifications for that or not, but wow, that is a nice compliment to get about our child! Matt and I are having fun discussing schooling options and just today I discovered the Seattle school district has a homeschooling resource center! I know absolutely nothing about it, other than the fact that it exists. I always assumed that homeschooling and public schooling were at complete odds with each other, so I'm excited to know that this sort of thing exists and to take the time to learn more about it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rock out with your cauc out!

I stole that title from a mama on MDC. I thought it was way too funny and just too darn fitting.


Matt and I and the girls went to our very first caucus today. Many people were saying that it was the first caucus they have ever attended! It was frustrating trying to keep the girls reasonably quiet and not running around, but it was neat to be there, to feel like we were doing something really, really good and possibly history changing. At our caucus the Obama supporters outnumbered the Clinton supporters by 4:1. That was very exciting. I was reading reports from other mamas saying that was holding true at their caucuses, as well. What I really apperciated was that we were all ust normal folks. I mean, duh, what did I expect? I guess I thought people would be debating these really fine points of politics but mostly people were more like "I believe Obama can unify people, can give hope to people, blah blah blah" instead of arguing about specific issues.

There were quite a few people there that looked to be in their mid to early twenties, which was cool. A few families with small children. One father took a picture on his iPhone of Eloise in her "my mama is for Obama" shirt, which was sweet. Matt saw quite a few people that he rides the bus with every day!

Things are changin', folks!

Friday, February 08, 2008

A question

I have written about this topic before, but I'm still confused about something, so help me out here, I'd really like to understand.

So, in the past I've remarked that I dislike people disciplining my children under most circumstances. There are certainly exceptions to this rule, but not many. Here's my new quandry, though. Why do other parents butt in when you haven't even had a chance to open your mouth to work with your own child? I mean, I can understand if my kid does something and I'm not there to see it or may you think I didn't respond appropriately or it involves you or your child (like my kid whacks your child, a highly likely scenario!). BUT-- here's an example. The other day we had a mama and her daughter over for a playdate for the first time. The girls go to school together, but I've barely spoken to the other mama at all. While they were here Iris kicked off her princess shoe and it happened to whack me in the head. Before I could even say or do anything, and what was I going to do anyways, it was a wayward accident, the other mama was like "Iris, you need to go see if your mama is okay, blah blah blah". I fully supported her intention, but, ahem, I can take care of this myself thankyouverymuch, especially if you give me two seconds to open my mouth.

However, I see this happening alot. Is it just me? Am I incompetent? I truly might be, I'm strong enough to hear honest answers on this. Or is it a motherly thing, like these other mamas are mothering all of the children around them? I want to understand, I do, in the hopes that it would make me less annoyed.

Aw, bummer

We aren't going to see Obama speak today. It was a series of events, actually. We woke up far too early with far too little sleep and I was in far too much pain. By the time 10:00 rolled around Eloise was already yawning and rubbing her eyes. Great. I had decided to stay home at that point and sat down to nurse Eloise to sleep. She fell asleep and a few minutes later sprung right up, wide awake! I thought, you know, maybe we can still do this! It was already 11:00, though, so I checked online. Sure enough, thousands of people weren't being let in to the rally because the Key Arena was already filled to capacity. Crap. So we really are staying put. Maybe we'll wear our shirts to the caucus tomorrow?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

We had a pretty great day today. Busy and fun and the girls were both mostly in good moods and easy to get along with-- always a bonus!

Of course, the day began with us being 10 minutes late to Iris's soccer class because Eloise hid my keys yesterday-- I found them in the reading corner under the bean bag chair. That little rascal! Iris requested another session of soccer, so I signed her up again. She really enjoys it and it gets her a good deal of exercise and time to follow directions and learn a new skill. We ran a few errands after soccer, including a stop at the library to pick up a couple of homeschooling books I requested and get more books for the girls.

Which brings me to my next topic, man, am I ever hot on the homeschooling train. Honestly, I wish I could find a solution that was part-time going to school and part-time homeschool. I am reading The Homeschooling Option which I am very much enjoying. Of course, the homeschooling books I am reading are very pro-homeschooling, so I am trying to take it all with a grain of salt, but boy, it sure sounds amazing. The one point that jumped out at me in the beginning of this book was talking about families that home school tend to be more tight-knit. Not always, of course, but obviously spending that much time with each other really lends itself to the necessity of being able to get along. This piqued my interest because I think about how Iris, at the tender age of 3 1/2, is already amazing at butting heads with me, but what would happen if we spent our days together for, well, indefinitely? Tonight Matt said he would love it if the girls could go to a school that is bilingual, which there are several options for in Seattle (if I recall correctly from what I have heard!). I thought, oooooo, that sounds so lovely! Man, why isn't there a more middle of the road option?

Tonight I spent some time making the girls and I t-shirts for us to wear to the Barack Obama rally tomorrow. We're going to head down there, but I'm a wee bit nervous that we might not get in. Apparently it's a hot (free) ticket! I just don't want to show up early and try to get the girls to sit through all of the speakers. Eh, we'll see. It will be fun none-the-less. I'll post a pic of the girls and I in our shirts tomorrow if I can!

Last night I went to sleep without taking a vicodin, which was a terrible decision. I really want to be feeling better than I am, but alas, these things are slow to heal. I didn't forget it tonight!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A post that is NOT about how miserable I am!

Okay, there's so much going on that has nothing to do with my illness or injury. Would you like to know about it all? Of course you do!

Matt and I are getting excited about the elections this year. We agreed to attend a caucus with the girls on Saturday, which neither of us have ever done before. Since the democrats aren't using the votes from the primary, but rather, the results from the caucuses, we felt this was an important thing to do. Also, I really, really, really want to take the girls to the Obama rally on Friday morning, but I'm not sure I can navigate that alone with the two of them. We'll see. How cool would it be? I went to a Nader rally for the 2000 campaign and found it life-changing. Just being in that big arena, it was the largest Nader rally of his campaign, with so much energy, it was fantastic. Of course, I was young and naive and also lived in a strong blue state, so I felt fine voting for Nader. That is neither here nor there, though. At any rate, we're excited about the elections. I'm not sure who Matt is supporting, but he seems to speak highly of Obama's charisma, so I suspect that's who it is.

Iris is 3 going on 13. Twice this week I have heard her say "whatever." I mean, what three year old says that?!?! I've been taking opportunities to work on little lessons with her, like math. If I see her counting I will take a couple of her things away and say "I took two away from your five, now how many do you have?" and then we add things back in. She is amazingly good at basic math! The other day she was walking around pretending to be angry. She hunched her shoulders and stomped around and it was all very dramatic. I think she decided she didn't want her sissy touching her toys or something? Matt and I still have ongoing discussions about homeschooling, which is alot of fun.

Eloise is doing good. She is very needy. She HATES it when I try to lay down during the day. Apparently when my doctor told me I needed to rest as much as possible she didn't run those instructions by Eloise first. Sheesh. All she wants to do is pummel me if I even attempt to relax on the couch.

In the past week I've booked flights for trips to the Jersey shore (without the family!) and to Wisconsin for the wedding shower (just me and the girls). The trips are within eight days of each other. Crazy, no? It should be fun, though. I am sooooo looking forward to the Jersey trip because it's going to be all of the mamas I know from a small message board all taking a vacation together in a house. I am nervous how Eloise will do without me for four days, but you know, I'll be a MUCH better mama when I return, so it will be worth it!

Wedding plans are back in full swing, I've been booked an appointment to see dresses, sent out save the date cards and am now trying to register online. Registering, although amazingly fun, is really stressful and alot of work! Give us money, people, all we want is cold hard cash!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I need my award

I think I may have set some kind of record for being sick the worst and the longest this year. Blech. I am really sick of coughing. I am really sick of postnasal drip. I am really, really sick of feeling tired and crappy. I am now sick of my freakin' rib hurting, as well.

It's fun to have people say to you "you broke a rib coughing?!?! I have heard of that happening but never actually knew anyone!" Yeah. Hi! It's me! It happened to me!

My doctor said I need to "rest". Um, yeah. I'll get right on that. What does that even mean? Do I need to lay down all day every day until I'm healed? I would like to, let me tell you. Matt's going to be going out of town soon, too, so not only am I going to have to keep up with what I have been, but I'll have to do it all alone for a few days, too. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I want my mommy. Why does she live so damn far away?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oh, the sweet!

My sweet, sweet, incredible friend Melissa stopped by this morning with a pile full of magazines for me, including some bridal ones she picked up at the store. I am so excited! Matt and Eloise are out grocery shopping and Iris is trying very hard to get me to eat something for some reason. I was going to settle in to my first wedding magazine but decided to see what's going on on the computer, first.

I was really hoping to be feeling better this morning, but alas, I'm not. I'm nervous about what I will do when Matt goes back to work this week, but I'm sure we'll survive. There will likely be piles of chores for Matt to do when he gets home, though!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

This is so sucky

Man, now that I've been basically laying around in pain most of the day I'm really getting bummed about this recent turn of events. It has already been a couple of weeks since I've really been able to exercise very much. I've only done two nights of ab work in the last two weeks, usually I do it 5-6 night a week with some yoga, as well. I am so out of shape already. Now with this rib injury how long will it be before I can exercise again? Forever? Geez, it feels like it! Normally I wouldn't care that much except right now I'm trying to lose weight for the wedding and I want to go look at dresses before too long. Sigh.

I'm just in a bad mood. Matt brought me some ice cream from the store and it was soooo yummy. I haven't had ice cream in quite a while, so that was a nice treat, but man, I don't want to fall back to my old patterns of eating. I'll have to be even more careful with my eating if I can't exercise. And the exercise was the only thing allowing me to eat all of the things I already was! Sheesh.

Okay, that's the end of my rant this evening. Hopefully my vicodin will kick in soon and I won't care about any of this :)

Oh crap

I got back from urgent care not too long ago because I was having severe pain in my lower right chest. Turns out I have a broken rib! I must have coughed so hard I broke it. Man. It's really painful. I'm so tired of feeling shitty, but at least this shitty is a different brand of shitty than having the flu. Matt's going out to get me videos and snacks so I can lay down for the day and rest. It hurts to cough or breathe or deal with Eloise climbing on me.

Hopefully this will heal quickly!