Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy 18 month Birthday Eloise!

Today Eloise turned 18 months old! I measured her on her height chart and she was 33 1/2" tall. No clue on her weight, but she's certainly hefty!

Eloise continues to exert her independence. For example, she insists on climbing the flight of stairs up to our apartment all on her own and has just started climbing in to her car seat on her own, as well. She is rapidly expanding her vocabulary, adding words like water, popo (for popsicle), walk, boon (balloon), sock, shoe, blankie, butt, poopy and potty in the last couple of weeks.

She still has only three teeth in front (two on bottom, one on top) but I just discovered she has one teeth on each side of the top her mouth that popped through! Quite an interesting pattern her teeth are following.

Iris and Eloise still have their issues, as they likely always will, but it's been fun to see them connecting more and being very sweet and tender with each other. I wish they were ready to share a bed, but that's still a long ways off. Eloise is still a pretty terrible sleeper, but we're not pushing her. It exhausts me but I figure out ways to get the rest I need. I know it's not forever!

We are struggling with redirecting her tendency to hit and pull hair. Alot of it is directed at her sister, but we need to stay close at playdates, as well. She still attacks the cat, which is seriously frustrating. Not sure how many times we need to say "off the kitty!" before she actually listens, but we'll keep trying!

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  1. Happy 18 mos. little Eloise!

    I can't believe how fast it goes.

    Ruby went through the hitting & pulling hair (and biting) phase and it did pass. Now she only does it when she's really, super P.O.ed. :)


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