Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

So what have you all done with your extra day this year? We relaxed and enjoyed it as a family. Matt stayed home from work today so that we could all catch up on our rest and just have a nice long weekend together. I got to sleep in with Eloise, which is always a lovely treat, and we all gathered up our stuff for a park outing this morning.

Usually in Seattle the day starts out with dreary, cold weather and then around noon-ish it starts getting nicer. Not today, it was the exact opposite. I was so glad we got out when we did!

I have done a little re-arranging of our main living space over the past week. Over the cold months all of our furniture was pushed against the wall to protect the girls from getting at the baseboard heater. Now that we aren't turning it on very much anymore we can have a much more visually interesting lay-out to the room. I added some storage to the girl's play area, as well re-arranging it to delineate the space a little better. So, now the big room has little areas to use instead of having everything pushed up against the wall all the way around it. I like it much better the way it is now, feels more cozy. Matt is going to be talking to some friends about coming over and painting for us, as well. We would do it ourselves but something tells me that it would be a wee bit tricky with the girls in the way.

Iris has been quite the handful for the last week or more. It's been hard for Matt and I to deal with her calmly, we both get really frustrated with her these days. I am going to re-implement the dates Matt and I take with her as it definitely seemed to make a positive change in her behavior and increased our connection with her when we used to do this more. Hopefully we'll come up with something fun to do tomorrow!

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  1. Your reorganization sounds wonderful! I love doing such things myself.

    Sorry Iris is being difficult. Maybe it's something in the air. The Kidlet is causing me lots of frustration of late too. I hope your parent-child dates help! I think we might give that a try here too!


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