Friday, February 22, 2008

My poor babe

Iris has had a really rough season of sickness. She has been more sick since Thanksgiving than she ever has in her life. I am not sure why. Maybe with having Eloise here, too? Her being in school more hours of the week? Last year and the year before she was in co-op and she never got so sick, so I don't know. People will say, well, if she's getting sick now she won't get sick as much when she's older! But what does that mean? I don't understand the logic, but I'm eating it up because it's making me feel better.

Around five weeks ago now we all came down with the flu. The coughing started at the end of the flu and for the most part it has been going away. In the past few days Iris's cough has gotten worse and she has had intermittent fevers. Her energy has been completely normal, in fact she walked several blocks each way to the park and back today. But the cough. Oh, the cough. I even tried cough medicine and it isn't doing anything. She is having a hard time staying asleep. There is a cool-mist humidifier running in her room, but so far it doesn't sound like that is working, either. I just want her to be feeling great again. I want the sickies to just leave us alone for the rest of the season, k? You hear that sickies? We're through with ya!

I realized tonight that I never offered up the resolution to my broken rib. About a week ago the pain pretty much went away completely. I haven't had any pain at all in a few days, so that's pretty exciting. It is awesome to finally feel normal and healthy again!

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  1. yuuuuck. poor miss iris.

    i am sure i don't have any suggestions that you haven't tried already. just wanted to sprinkle a little get well fairy dust over blogland!


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