Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh keys, where art thou?

Typically I'm really good about keeping track of stuff. I am not organized, per se, but I always know where stuff is. Other than that one incident where I lost Eloise's social security card. But oddly, I found it last month exactly where it was supposed to be all along, so where was it the year earlier? Hmmmm.

Anyways, the one thing I lose alot is my keys. I don't know why. I never put them back in the same place. Sometimes Eloise snatches them and I don't notice-- we were once very late to Iris's soccer class because Eloise had put my keys under the bean bag in the reading corner. Silly Pooties! Today, though, I looked for 40 minutes for those damn keys. I ended up using a spare car key to get Iris to school and had to leave the front door unlocked while we were gone. Matt suggested I look in the only place in the whole stupid apartment I hadn't looked: coat pockets in the closet. Oh, gee, guess where the keys were? (Here is where I smack my hand against my forehead). I'm such an ass.

Anyways, I'm going to get one of these puppies STAT:

You press that one button and it emits an alarm from the key ring that is attached to your keys. You might think this is a little extreme, but you also probably aren't my crying daughter hysterical about why I can't bring her to school/soccer/wherever because my keys are lost. It will be $25 WELL spent.


  1. Oh good idea. You could also get that special blue and white key attached to the ring.

    I could use these for lip gloss tubes.

  2. When I had only seen the photo, I assumed you were announcing a luxury vehicle purchase.

  3. ohhhh, I need one of those! where do you buy it!


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