Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A post that is NOT about how miserable I am!

Okay, there's so much going on that has nothing to do with my illness or injury. Would you like to know about it all? Of course you do!

Matt and I are getting excited about the elections this year. We agreed to attend a caucus with the girls on Saturday, which neither of us have ever done before. Since the democrats aren't using the votes from the primary, but rather, the results from the caucuses, we felt this was an important thing to do. Also, I really, really, really want to take the girls to the Obama rally on Friday morning, but I'm not sure I can navigate that alone with the two of them. We'll see. How cool would it be? I went to a Nader rally for the 2000 campaign and found it life-changing. Just being in that big arena, it was the largest Nader rally of his campaign, with so much energy, it was fantastic. Of course, I was young and naive and also lived in a strong blue state, so I felt fine voting for Nader. That is neither here nor there, though. At any rate, we're excited about the elections. I'm not sure who Matt is supporting, but he seems to speak highly of Obama's charisma, so I suspect that's who it is.

Iris is 3 going on 13. Twice this week I have heard her say "whatever." I mean, what three year old says that?!?! I've been taking opportunities to work on little lessons with her, like math. If I see her counting I will take a couple of her things away and say "I took two away from your five, now how many do you have?" and then we add things back in. She is amazingly good at basic math! The other day she was walking around pretending to be angry. She hunched her shoulders and stomped around and it was all very dramatic. I think she decided she didn't want her sissy touching her toys or something? Matt and I still have ongoing discussions about homeschooling, which is alot of fun.

Eloise is doing good. She is very needy. She HATES it when I try to lay down during the day. Apparently when my doctor told me I needed to rest as much as possible she didn't run those instructions by Eloise first. Sheesh. All she wants to do is pummel me if I even attempt to relax on the couch.

In the past week I've booked flights for trips to the Jersey shore (without the family!) and to Wisconsin for the wedding shower (just me and the girls). The trips are within eight days of each other. Crazy, no? It should be fun, though. I am sooooo looking forward to the Jersey trip because it's going to be all of the mamas I know from a small message board all taking a vacation together in a house. I am nervous how Eloise will do without me for four days, but you know, I'll be a MUCH better mama when I return, so it will be worth it!

Wedding plans are back in full swing, I've been booked an appointment to see dresses, sent out save the date cards and am now trying to register online. Registering, although amazingly fun, is really stressful and alot of work! Give us money, people, all we want is cold hard cash!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi there! M and I are sad that you are still so sick but glad that Iris is feeling better.

    It is rare that I find a traditional (D) voter who knows that her primary vote doesn't count for anything, since the Democratic party only uses caucuses. However, primary votes do count for half of the (R) delegates. We're supporting Ron Paul...the only true anti-war, liberty-minded (R) candidate. Would you consider voting (R) in the primary to help put the only anti-war Republican candidate on the ballot in Washington? Don't worry - you can change your mind and go back to (D) for the real election in November. =)

  2. Thank you "O". I am glad to hear that someone from the Ron Paul campaign is concerned about my health :)

    Normally I wouldn't publish posts like this but I thought it would be helpful to my readers to know this.

    I've already sent in my un-necessary primary ballot (I vote absentee). I wouldn't be voting for Ron Paul, anyways, but maybe someone else in WA will be?

  3. Bummer Sybil! I was just reading in the new Newsweek that Nader is forming an exploratory committee.

    About registering - I hated that as well. SO glad to have a small wedding for reasons just like that. Cash is always nice. :)

  4. Ah, interestingly, it is not even legal to vote differently in the primary than you do in the caucus. Those of you wanting to try this out-- DON'T DO IT!


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