Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rock out with your cauc out!

I stole that title from a mama on MDC. I thought it was way too funny and just too darn fitting.


Matt and I and the girls went to our very first caucus today. Many people were saying that it was the first caucus they have ever attended! It was frustrating trying to keep the girls reasonably quiet and not running around, but it was neat to be there, to feel like we were doing something really, really good and possibly history changing. At our caucus the Obama supporters outnumbered the Clinton supporters by 4:1. That was very exciting. I was reading reports from other mamas saying that was holding true at their caucuses, as well. What I really apperciated was that we were all ust normal folks. I mean, duh, what did I expect? I guess I thought people would be debating these really fine points of politics but mostly people were more like "I believe Obama can unify people, can give hope to people, blah blah blah" instead of arguing about specific issues.

There were quite a few people there that looked to be in their mid to early twenties, which was cool. A few families with small children. One father took a picture on his iPhone of Eloise in her "my mama is for Obama" shirt, which was sweet. Matt saw quite a few people that he rides the bus with every day!

Things are changin', folks!

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