Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend wrap-up report

It was a fun and busy weekend, for sure!

  • My rib is still killing me and I'm still coughing quite a bit. Fun, fun! I felt a distinctive "pop" in the area of my ribs where the pain is radiating from and after that I was hurting a bit more than I have been most of the last week.
  • I wrote about our caucus in the previous post. Good times. Matt just told me a father sitting next to us, with two children of his own, guessed Iris to be six years old. Wowzers.
  • We attended two birthday parties this weekend! The one yesterday was a blast. The girl's parents made a pinata that Iris wanted nothing to do with while the children were taking turns hitting it. Of course, from the moment we left the party she has talked about nothing but making her own pinata. This afternoon Matt took the girls out to the park so I could rest and reported back that Iris just stood in the middle of the playground crying and clutching her hat saying she wanted to go home. She can be very confusing. We're not sure why she does this kind of stuff or what's going through her little head sometimes, it can be frustrating and also heart-wrenching at the same time. After the park Matt brought the girls over to our friend's house for some play time with their three little ones. He only came home with Eloise and Iris stayed there to play. I went to pick her up tonight before our second birthday party. Our friends said Iris was well-behaved, which was a relief after how cantankerous she had been earlier in the day. The second birthday party was fun, it was at a small gym which was called, appropriately enough, The Little Gym. Iris enjoyed it so much we're going to consider signing her up for classes there.
  • We're heading in to yet another stressful week here. Between my illness/injury and Matt's stress at work we're on system overload. I'm super happy that I'm interviewing a new babysitter this week. She is a stay at home mama with two little ones and it sounds like she has a nice home with lots of place to play outside so I'm going to cross my fingers it works out!
  • The parents of the little girl whose birthday party we attended at The Little Gym just told us they are moving to New York City at the end of the month! We're so bummed. We don't get to see them anywhere near as often as we would like, often going months between visits. It always felt like there would be time to hang out eventually, but now there isn't anymore. My brother and his family live in NYC so now we have two good reasons to go out there for a visit.
  • Our friend, the mama of the three kids I mentioned, has suggested to us that Iris might benefit from a school for more advanced children. I'm not sure if Iris would fit the qualifications for that or not, but wow, that is a nice compliment to get about our child! Matt and I are having fun discussing schooling options and just today I discovered the Seattle school district has a homeschooling resource center! I know absolutely nothing about it, other than the fact that it exists. I always assumed that homeschooling and public schooling were at complete odds with each other, so I'm excited to know that this sort of thing exists and to take the time to learn more about it.


  1. We have a place near us that is a school for homeschoolers, if that makes any sense. The parents teach classes, and the kids can take classes, all offered based on the expertise of the parents. If a child wants a certain kind of class, they find someone to come in and teach it, and everyone pays yearly dues. It's pretty awesome :-)

  2. Another option is to become an involved "helper" parent in the class, it allows you to help acclimate your child to class settings and learn important social skills, all while being present to the process. Most K - third grade classes are pretty positive experiences (not all of course), and if not, then you can homeschool. Just throwing an option out there, it's a very personal choice.


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