Friday, February 15, 2008

Who left me in charge here?


Matt was out of town for Valentine's Day so it was just me and kiddos. We managed. Barely. We woke up at the ungodly hour of 7:24 (which was even better than today's 7:15!). Before soccer we picked up some last minute Valentine's things at Fred Meyer so we didn't look like complete a-holes when we went to visit friends for a little celebrating. We only looked semi-a-holeish, phew! My friend Melissa is one of those insanely thoughtful people that always has the perfect little gifts for the kids and makes yummy treats and has fun crafts for the kids. I'm the one who picks up a pack of Valentine's colored Play Doh on the drive over and calls it a day. Oops.

We had alot of fun playing with Melissa and her boys. Eloise annoyed her older son. Come to think of it, so did Iris. At one point we had the two bigger kids outside in the yard playing so the little ones could nap inside. They have this huge yard with tons of cool stuff to do and it was gorgeous out. Both of the kids just wanted to go inside. I will never understand-- aren't kids supposed to like being outside?

Because Melissa is the most thoughtful person I know, she had made us a dinner to send us home with so I didn't have to cook dinner for the girls last night. It was soooooo delicious, too.

When we got home from their house I lasted about an hour before my sweet, darling, perfect little children were driving me up the wall and we had to get out again. I loaded us up and headed over to Tar-zhay. I hate it when people call it that, but you know, it was Valentine's Day, so it seems a little fitting, no? I got one of those stupid big carts where the girls could sit on the seats and be buckled in. What is wrong with me? I hate those things. I attempted to manuever that thing all over the store until Eloise was completely breaking down and we had to get home. I gave the girls a late dinner and an early bedtime. Ca-ching!

Then I settled in to do some exercise and get ready for my guilty pleasure Make Me A Supermodel. My sweet, darling girls went to sleep easily and neither of them woke up after being put to bed, which is seriously like, um, like pigs flying or something. It just never happens.

Of course, this morning started off with Iris shoving her sister in to a corner of the entrance of our kitchen and she is developing an impressive bruise as we speak. I will post pictures as soon as it's CPS-worthy enough, m'kay? Alfie Kohn would not be impressed with the time out Iris received for doing this, but you know, I'm no superhero and MAN was I pissed.

Off to see if I can salvage the day!


  1. I hate when people say "tar-zhay" too! I swore I was the only person on the planet. Glad to find I'm not. :) Target is fancy enough for me.

    Sometimes I read a blog named Slave to Target because she, too, loves Target as I do.

  2. unless Alfie Kohn plans to come over to my house and discipline my kids while I read a novel in the bathtub, it's mama's rules. Alfie Kohn can kiss my ass.

  3. Oh my god, Mandy, I'm dying over here! Too funny. Thank you for the laugh!

    I'll have to check out that Target blog!


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