Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our weekend started out on a low note. Miss Eloise woke up vomiting at 3:30 am early Saturday morning. Being that this isn't what I deal with, Matt stepped in and took care of her while I snoozed on the couch the rest of the night. Interestingly, she bounded out of the bedroom at 9:30 completely normal acting. I am not convinced it was a bug, but I'm not sure what else it could have been. No one else picked up what she had, thank goodness, but it left me on edge the whole weekend. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

I went for a nice walk around Greenlake with a friend yesterday. It felt good to get some exercise and be out on my own for a little bit. Matt's sister came by after I got home and I taught her how to fold origami cranes. I am very excited at the thought of getting some help with my over-zealous project of folding 1,000 cranes for the wedding! Today I slept in very late and did some grocery shopping with Iris. Unfortunately I set a precedent with Iris that she gets some sort of treat every time we leave the house. I am truly an idiot in this regard. I love, love, love giving the girls treats, but of course if backfires when the whining and pleading and crying begins and then you find yourself giving in to the requests just to get some peace and quiet, but really I'm fueling the problem. So although Iris is a joy to shop with in every other regard, she is a terrible beggar for treats, thanks to me.

This week is Spring Break, though since Iris only goes to school two days a week anyways, it isn't too much different than a normal week for us. Hopefully we'll have some playdates as Iris is constantly asking to see friends lately. I'm so terrible at setting these things up, as you may recall from previous posts I've made on the subject, so we'll see how it goes.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's snowing!

For the third time this year, it's snowing! Not sticking at all, but it's coming down none-the-less. So exciting. I love snow.

I haven't been updating much, sorry! We had a fun long weekend at Matt's parents house for Easter. The girls and I drove there on Thursday and Matt came on Saturday after he got back from a work trip. We celebrated Easter on Sunday by going to church and then doing an Easter egg hunt. It was alot of fun. We had a delicious Easter dinner, as well, followed by a family drive and a stroll around the park. We packed up and drove back to Seattle on Monday afternoon after a stop at a taco truck for lunch. There's alot of taco trucks where Grandma and Grandpa live. I was trying to keep an open mind about how un-clean the whole thing seemed, but the food was good, so I tried not to think too much about it.

Here are some of the best pictures I got of our weekend:

The rest of our week has been pretty low-key. Not much to report. We're glad that Matt's first quarter work trips are all finally behind us and everything went smoothly while he was gone!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to the grind

We returned today from a five day trip to Matt's parents house in central WA. We had a great time. It was so much fun to be with family but it's always a little stressful and tiring adjusting to new routines. The girls had a blast but were totally wiped tonight and fell right asleep pretty early. We're looking forward to getting back in to the week and back to our regularily scheduled lives. I'll post pics of our weekend soon.

Yesterday I got the unbelievably sad news that my friend Jen had delivered her sweet baby, Owen, at 22 1/2 weeks. He didn't live. I can't imagine the grief that she and her family are experiencing. She had had a very hard pregnancy with lots of complications but she always had wonderful updates on how Owen was doing despite the problems. We were all so hopeful that the rest of the pregnancy would be uneventful for her and she would have a healthy, happy full-term baby. My thoughts keep drifting back to my friend and it all just is so awful and unfair. If you're the praying/vibe-sending sort, I am sure they could use any you have to spare.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aw geez

What a day!

We were supposed to spend the day preparing to leave for the grandparent's house tomorrow, but the universe had other plans for me (as it usually does!).

I spoke to the dentist's office about Eloise's mouth and got her an appointment. Shuttled Iris over to our good friend's house, who was so wonderful to be able to help me out, then got Eloise in to the dentist. She looked at her mouth and did x-rays. Luckily nothing looked like it needed immediate attention, but time will tell whether or not everything will heal well and if her teeth will be okay. It's possible one or both front teeth will be damaged or (god forbid) even need to be removed.

After that Eloise took an awesome nap. Yee Haw!

Then we discovered that Eloise's very expensive car seat was broken. Broken. It's a Britax Decathlon, by the way, and is a piece of shit. Go for the Marathon, instead. Anywho, a little cheap plastic piece fell off and now the straps won't tighten. And I'm at home with two kids, only one working car seat, no Matt and we need to leave for our trip tomorrow. I may have rigged up the seat to work, but um, is that okay? I don't know. I don't want to buy a new seat. Well, I DO since this one is a piece of shit, but it's not something we exactly budgeted for. Anyone who spends close to $300 on a car seat doesn't really ever plan to have to buy another one. Grrrr.

So we did end up getting stuff done for our trip, but not without some tears and some screaming and some frustration. The girls are asleep now and I'll enjoy the solitude!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bigger and better update

I didn't get a chance to document all of Eloise's fantasticness last night and today has been a bit anxiety-laden due to her poor mouth. I took a closer peek in to it tonight and her upper gum is all bloody, her teeth are all bloody. Her lip is swollen, too. Thankfully the doctor said it looked like there was no serious damage, but that we needed to take her to a dentist ASAP. Great. I'll be on the phone tomorrow trying to fit that in around our five-day trip this weekend.


Back to the update.

Eloise has some fun words now. She says "bob bob" for Spongebob and "dog dog" for hot dog. Iris had a Hello Kitty DVD from the library and there is a little jingle at the beginning that goes "helloooooooooooooo kitty" and she LOVES singing it. We substitute dada/mama/eecee (sissy)/Pooties for kitty as we see fit. She is having a love affair with popsicles right now (which she calls po-po) and we think that is mostly because her teeth are coming in all skeewampus. She is getting molars the same time she is getting one of her upper front teeth in. What the heck?

Her sleep has been in the crapper. I don't know what to do. I have no energy to do anything, anyways. It's frustrating.

We've been taking her to a toddler music class once a week and she really enjoys that. It's super fun to have one-on-one time with her like that. She loves teacher Katie's guitar and constantly points at it in amazement. I wish one of us played the guitar so we could entertain her at home!

Poor Eloise :(

Today Miss Iris shoved her sister in to the arm of the futon and Eloise hit her mouth on it, apparently causing a decent amount of blood and a great deal of screaming. I wasn't home. I got word of the incident via text message.

Poor Eloise. When I got home she was still bleeding a little bit and her upper lip was swollen. I nursed her and got her down for her nap but she woke up shortly after and was awake and upset, so she wouldn't go back to sleep.

Matt is at the doctor's with her now. I'm interested to see what they say. We can't quite tell if there's any damage to her teeth, as she only has 1 1/2 front teeth anyways, but it looks a little gruesome in there.

I'm so sad for Eloise. I'm even sad for Iris. It is so infuriating to have to deal with a child who hurts her sister that badly.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy 19 months, Pooties!

I have to run off to bed to cuddle a little girl who hates sleep, but I couldn't end the day without blogging about Eloise's 19 month birthday.

We've had a good month. Eloise has such a fantastic, strong personality. She smiles and laughs and hugs and kisses and also tantrums, hits, bites and shrieks with the best of them. I've said it before about Iris and I'll say it again about Eloise: I love having a child with a strong personality, and all of the good and bad that comes with it. It will ALL serve her well through her life!

I'll be back to blog more specific highlights tomorrow. And likely solicit sleep help :)

Mindful parenting

I clicked on a link on a message board last night that brought me to a cool website I had never seen before. It's called The Parenting Pit. As I poked around a bit I came across an article called 12 Exercises for Mindful Parenting. It resonated with me because lately I have felt that I just go through the motions of most of my days without really connecting with my girls. I think it can be difficult when we all have so much going on, to really stop and be truly mindful of our our children.

Check out the link and leave me any feedback you have about it. I'm curious to hear what other parents have to say about it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Queen of Daiso

A little while back I realized I was going to need to get my booty to Daiso and stock up on origami paper for the 1,000 cranes I decided to fold for our August wedding. I let the mamas on our little message board know I was going to be heading there in case they needed me to pick anything up for them, and boy did the orders pour in! I ended up having to shop twice-- once on Monday, alone, before Matt went out of town for the week, and again today. I had to go twice because they were pretty cleared out of Bento boxes on Monday and, well, that was the bulk of my friend's orders!

Today I was feeling brave and decided to bring the girls downtown and pick up the rest of the items I didn't get on Monday. Since we were already taking a trip downtown, I had the bright idea for us to park at the Seattle Center and take the monorail to Westlake Center. I knew the girls would get a kick out of the monorail, which they did:

When Eloise saw the train pull up she started squealing and pointing at it!

It was a bit of a struggle getting Eloise to stay in one place as I loaded up on many, many bento boxes, but it was fun, too. I think the employee who got the boxes out of storage for me was wondering why the heck I was buying so many! Iris was a perfect little angel and stayed exactly where I needed her to be and didn't mess with stuff. I love that she is getting to an age where she can reliably do that. She's actually quite a bit of fun to shop with, just the two of us.

We got out of there with our two big bags of Daiso loot and back on the monorail and then back to car and then, back home. We got home about ten minutes before Matt walked in the door, back from his trip. It was exciting to see him home so early, I wasn't expecting him for at least another hour!

Click on this photo below and then go to the right side of that screen and click on the words "Daiso purchases (set)" for more pics of what I ended up getting at Daiso.


Sadly, very little of the purchases were for our own family. I want bento boxes bad, bad, bad, but I'm not convinced I would actually use them. I tend to pack things like sandwiches and apples, which don't lend themselves well to the shape of bento boxes. Maybe some day when we have more space and I have more mental energy for getting creative with lunches!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

In the home stretch

The girls and I have been home alone without Matt the whole week, but he will be home soon! We can't wait. This is the first time the girls (well, more Iris than Eloise) have been vocal about actually missing him. Usually Iris asks when he's coming home whenever she doesn't like some of the rules I've put in place for her.

It's been a week of ups and downs, to be sure. Eloise's sleep habits have practically sent me over the edge and Iris has had some pooping issues. We've also gotten out of the house quite a bit, enjoyed some fun meals together and eaten more than our fair share of junk food. I guess the good at least out-weighs the bad, but it's been a close call. Of course, the one thing that made this by far the most successful time at home without Matt is the fact that I was able to be here, alone with the girls with no help at all, and not have one single twinge of anxiety. This experience was certainly a boost to my self-esteem, since last year at this time I was in such a low place there is no way I could have done a whole week like this without falling apart.

We're looking forward to a weekend of relaxing. Well, Matt and I are, at least. I am sure the girls have other ideas!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another new school?

We've had some uber-rough few days (and nights) around here, but I won't get in to that now. Instead, I thought it would be fun to blog about my latest school quandry. Make a pro and con list and put it out there so I can think about it some more.

So I LOVE Iris's school. I love just about everything about it. Why would I think about leaving it? Well, I don't have the energy to do a seperate school with Eloise and am worried that she is missing out on all of the opportunities that Iris had because she's just stuck home all day with boring ol' me. I learned about this other school, a co-op, from my dear friend whose son has attended it since last year. The major, major plus about the school is that it is family-friendly. The school days have a range of ages and even if you only have an older child enrolled, you can still bring your younger child with you on your working days.

Many things about both of the schools are spectacular, so I won't mention them as pros if they are equally good at both.

Pros of the new school: MAJOR one is that both girls could attend together. I wouldn't even consider it if they couldn't. It has a huge open space (the school is in a gym) so the kids just can race around. They even had a slide and a little trampoline set up! It has a big outside area that the kids use every day and can do their own thing in. From what I can tell, the parents are a little more my speed and it sounds like they are much more supportive of each other than any school I've been at with Iris. It's in a very cool neighborhood that I would enjoy getting to spend more time in when we are there for school. They had dress-up stuff for the kids, which Iris immediately got in to! The parents and teachers seem amazing in their interactions with the children. I would learn SO much working in a school like that on a weekly/semi-weekly basis. This co-op is SOOOOO much better than the one I did with Iris for a year and a half. Much better teachers and much more involved parents. Also, my very dearest friend has her son at this school, and I love the idea of getting to see them more. Iris loves that idea, as well!

Cons of the new school: It's a bit of a further drive (like five minutes, it would increase our drive time from 15 to 20 minutes each way). The school doesn't seem to have as nice of stuff in it. This is likely because the school is older and there are many more kids there playing with it all then at Iris's school. There weren't alot of the kids art projects up around the space (from what I noticed). Because the gym is set up for school every day, it doesn't appear that there is space for things that are on-going projects. I also wasn't impressed with the amount of art supplies that were out for the kids to use. HOWEVER, I was there for just under an hour on one morning. I have no idea how much art they really do there. I am going to ask someone about it, though.

It occured to me that I could keep Iris at her current school and bring Eloise to the new school next year and then the following year Iris and Eloise could both attend together at the school Iris is currently at. Of course, being in two different schools that have a good deal of required parent involvement just might be the death of me. Oh, what to do!!!!!!

Luckily, I have time to think about it. Heck, I'll be on the waiting list at the new school, so it's possible they won't even have room for us there, anyways.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Iris applying make-up to Matt

Iris applying make-up to Matt
Originally uploaded by mama_milkers

I couldn't help but share this photo on my blog. THIS is exactly what makes Matt an AMAZING father to our girls.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Losing the hour

I am bummed about losing an hour tomorrow. We like to eek out every moment of our weekend, so getting an hour taken from us is so not cool. We all have a busy day planned tomorrow. Matt and Iris have a date before lunch time. Then we go to tour a house we think we would really like to rent. It's a whole house, with a fenced yard, so that's pretty exciting. It's on the complete opposite side of town from where we are right now, so even though we would stay in Seattle it would be a big change. So, send us good vibes that we'll love the house and we get to rent it! We would have to move at the end of the month which is super crazy to think about since Matt is doing a great deal of travelling this month. Whew! We'll see.

After touring the house I have a date with Daiso, where I will attempt to pick up all of the items my sweet message board friends have requested I get for them. It should be a fun shopping trip! I'll have to get right home so Matt can go to his double-header basketball game. Then get the kids to bed and then, well, then it's Monday (insert gloomy music here).

Tonight we attended a really fun fundraising auction/dinner tonight for a friend's cooperative pre-school. There were tons of kids there, yummy tacos and dessert and a fun live band and a great time was had by all. We won an auction for tickets to the Everett Children's Museum (you read that, Michele?!?!) and can't wait to get up there again, since we had a blast the last time we were there!

Spring is definitely coming in Seattle. It's so exciting!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Zerberts and other fun things

I sure wish Matt was home more hours of the day so he could spend more time playing with the girls. He's the fun parent, you see. He does all the cool stuff with the girls that I don't have the time/patience/inclination to do.

For example, the three of them have been perfecting their zerberts. As I type this Eloise is laying some juicy ones on Matt's belly and both of them are laughing hysterically. Earlier in the night they were all on the bed zerberting like crazy on each other. Man, I hate zerberts. HATE them.

The other night I walked in to the living room after being in the kitchen for a while and found Iris applying my make-up to Matt's face. He sat there very patiently, dark brown eye shadow smeared in the general vicinity of his eyes, while Iris applied his lipstick. He left it like that, too, the whole night!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

New blog on the blogroll

I have recently been introduced to Stuff White People Like and I literally laugh out loud at every single post. I firmly believe the saying "it's only funny because it's true!" and that certainly applies here.

If you need a laugh, or just want to know more about white people (the blog is suprisingly accurate!) please check it out.

Matt and I got a giggle out of today's post, which was #79: Modern Furniture.