Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another new school?

We've had some uber-rough few days (and nights) around here, but I won't get in to that now. Instead, I thought it would be fun to blog about my latest school quandry. Make a pro and con list and put it out there so I can think about it some more.

So I LOVE Iris's school. I love just about everything about it. Why would I think about leaving it? Well, I don't have the energy to do a seperate school with Eloise and am worried that she is missing out on all of the opportunities that Iris had because she's just stuck home all day with boring ol' me. I learned about this other school, a co-op, from my dear friend whose son has attended it since last year. The major, major plus about the school is that it is family-friendly. The school days have a range of ages and even if you only have an older child enrolled, you can still bring your younger child with you on your working days.

Many things about both of the schools are spectacular, so I won't mention them as pros if they are equally good at both.

Pros of the new school: MAJOR one is that both girls could attend together. I wouldn't even consider it if they couldn't. It has a huge open space (the school is in a gym) so the kids just can race around. They even had a slide and a little trampoline set up! It has a big outside area that the kids use every day and can do their own thing in. From what I can tell, the parents are a little more my speed and it sounds like they are much more supportive of each other than any school I've been at with Iris. It's in a very cool neighborhood that I would enjoy getting to spend more time in when we are there for school. They had dress-up stuff for the kids, which Iris immediately got in to! The parents and teachers seem amazing in their interactions with the children. I would learn SO much working in a school like that on a weekly/semi-weekly basis. This co-op is SOOOOO much better than the one I did with Iris for a year and a half. Much better teachers and much more involved parents. Also, my very dearest friend has her son at this school, and I love the idea of getting to see them more. Iris loves that idea, as well!

Cons of the new school: It's a bit of a further drive (like five minutes, it would increase our drive time from 15 to 20 minutes each way). The school doesn't seem to have as nice of stuff in it. This is likely because the school is older and there are many more kids there playing with it all then at Iris's school. There weren't alot of the kids art projects up around the space (from what I noticed). Because the gym is set up for school every day, it doesn't appear that there is space for things that are on-going projects. I also wasn't impressed with the amount of art supplies that were out for the kids to use. HOWEVER, I was there for just under an hour on one morning. I have no idea how much art they really do there. I am going to ask someone about it, though.

It occured to me that I could keep Iris at her current school and bring Eloise to the new school next year and then the following year Iris and Eloise could both attend together at the school Iris is currently at. Of course, being in two different schools that have a good deal of required parent involvement just might be the death of me. Oh, what to do!!!!!!

Luckily, I have time to think about it. Heck, I'll be on the waiting list at the new school, so it's possible they won't even have room for us there, anyways.


  1. is the other school you're thinking of the one that had the auction last weekend? i'm a blog lurker and i saw you guys there. my friend's daughter goes to that school and she loves it. everyone seemed really nice.

  2. Consider yourself lucky to have 2 great choices! I would leave it up to the Gods-of-waiting-list-fate. Cross that bridge when you coem to it...sounds like you will be in a good position no matter what you decide :-)

  3. Oh wow, Amanda! How funny that we were both there. It was a fun night!

  4. What about we send them both to this school?

  5. I would look pretty silly being a stay-at-home-mama to children in boarding school, wouldn't I?


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