Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aw geez

What a day!

We were supposed to spend the day preparing to leave for the grandparent's house tomorrow, but the universe had other plans for me (as it usually does!).

I spoke to the dentist's office about Eloise's mouth and got her an appointment. Shuttled Iris over to our good friend's house, who was so wonderful to be able to help me out, then got Eloise in to the dentist. She looked at her mouth and did x-rays. Luckily nothing looked like it needed immediate attention, but time will tell whether or not everything will heal well and if her teeth will be okay. It's possible one or both front teeth will be damaged or (god forbid) even need to be removed.

After that Eloise took an awesome nap. Yee Haw!

Then we discovered that Eloise's very expensive car seat was broken. Broken. It's a Britax Decathlon, by the way, and is a piece of shit. Go for the Marathon, instead. Anywho, a little cheap plastic piece fell off and now the straps won't tighten. And I'm at home with two kids, only one working car seat, no Matt and we need to leave for our trip tomorrow. I may have rigged up the seat to work, but um, is that okay? I don't know. I don't want to buy a new seat. Well, I DO since this one is a piece of shit, but it's not something we exactly budgeted for. Anyone who spends close to $300 on a car seat doesn't really ever plan to have to buy another one. Grrrr.

So we did end up getting stuff done for our trip, but not without some tears and some screaming and some frustration. The girls are asleep now and I'll enjoy the solitude!

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