Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bigger and better update

I didn't get a chance to document all of Eloise's fantasticness last night and today has been a bit anxiety-laden due to her poor mouth. I took a closer peek in to it tonight and her upper gum is all bloody, her teeth are all bloody. Her lip is swollen, too. Thankfully the doctor said it looked like there was no serious damage, but that we needed to take her to a dentist ASAP. Great. I'll be on the phone tomorrow trying to fit that in around our five-day trip this weekend.


Back to the update.

Eloise has some fun words now. She says "bob bob" for Spongebob and "dog dog" for hot dog. Iris had a Hello Kitty DVD from the library and there is a little jingle at the beginning that goes "helloooooooooooooo kitty" and she LOVES singing it. We substitute dada/mama/eecee (sissy)/Pooties for kitty as we see fit. She is having a love affair with popsicles right now (which she calls po-po) and we think that is mostly because her teeth are coming in all skeewampus. She is getting molars the same time she is getting one of her upper front teeth in. What the heck?

Her sleep has been in the crapper. I don't know what to do. I have no energy to do anything, anyways. It's frustrating.

We've been taking her to a toddler music class once a week and she really enjoys that. It's super fun to have one-on-one time with her like that. She loves teacher Katie's guitar and constantly points at it in amazement. I wish one of us played the guitar so we could entertain her at home!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the crappy sleep. Signal's eye teeth are coming in on top, and it's been, ummm... not fun to say the least. Hope her mouth is feeling better soon!


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