Saturday, March 08, 2008

Losing the hour

I am bummed about losing an hour tomorrow. We like to eek out every moment of our weekend, so getting an hour taken from us is so not cool. We all have a busy day planned tomorrow. Matt and Iris have a date before lunch time. Then we go to tour a house we think we would really like to rent. It's a whole house, with a fenced yard, so that's pretty exciting. It's on the complete opposite side of town from where we are right now, so even though we would stay in Seattle it would be a big change. So, send us good vibes that we'll love the house and we get to rent it! We would have to move at the end of the month which is super crazy to think about since Matt is doing a great deal of travelling this month. Whew! We'll see.

After touring the house I have a date with Daiso, where I will attempt to pick up all of the items my sweet message board friends have requested I get for them. It should be a fun shopping trip! I'll have to get right home so Matt can go to his double-header basketball game. Then get the kids to bed and then, well, then it's Monday (insert gloomy music here).

Tonight we attended a really fun fundraising auction/dinner tonight for a friend's cooperative pre-school. There were tons of kids there, yummy tacos and dessert and a fun live band and a great time was had by all. We won an auction for tickets to the Everett Children's Museum (you read that, Michele?!?!) and can't wait to get up there again, since we had a blast the last time we were there!

Spring is definitely coming in Seattle. It's so exciting!

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  1. Fun! We should definitely meet you when you use those tickets! Oh the Power of Play!!!

    I'm a little bit excited about the time change as hopefully Lukey will sleep in a little bit later now due to the darkness. But I know that it won't last for long so we'd better get those stinkin' windows and the blackout curtains up soon!


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