Monday, March 17, 2008

Mindful parenting

I clicked on a link on a message board last night that brought me to a cool website I had never seen before. It's called The Parenting Pit. As I poked around a bit I came across an article called 12 Exercises for Mindful Parenting. It resonated with me because lately I have felt that I just go through the motions of most of my days without really connecting with my girls. I think it can be difficult when we all have so much going on, to really stop and be truly mindful of our our children.

Check out the link and leave me any feedback you have about it. I'm curious to hear what other parents have to say about it.


  1. Damn!!! I thought i invented that term! Oh well -- LOVE it nonetheless. thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. I think it sounds really cool. But it's hard to do. And I think it's even harder to do when one is not feeling centered.

    Those are all things I try to do with EJ, but often I get muddled between what is my issue and what is me really understanding who she is. Sometimes it is hard to see other's point of view through my own weirdness in my head.

    But all of those 12 suggestions are things I definitely aspire to!


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