Friday, March 14, 2008

Queen of Daiso

A little while back I realized I was going to need to get my booty to Daiso and stock up on origami paper for the 1,000 cranes I decided to fold for our August wedding. I let the mamas on our little message board know I was going to be heading there in case they needed me to pick anything up for them, and boy did the orders pour in! I ended up having to shop twice-- once on Monday, alone, before Matt went out of town for the week, and again today. I had to go twice because they were pretty cleared out of Bento boxes on Monday and, well, that was the bulk of my friend's orders!

Today I was feeling brave and decided to bring the girls downtown and pick up the rest of the items I didn't get on Monday. Since we were already taking a trip downtown, I had the bright idea for us to park at the Seattle Center and take the monorail to Westlake Center. I knew the girls would get a kick out of the monorail, which they did:

When Eloise saw the train pull up she started squealing and pointing at it!

It was a bit of a struggle getting Eloise to stay in one place as I loaded up on many, many bento boxes, but it was fun, too. I think the employee who got the boxes out of storage for me was wondering why the heck I was buying so many! Iris was a perfect little angel and stayed exactly where I needed her to be and didn't mess with stuff. I love that she is getting to an age where she can reliably do that. She's actually quite a bit of fun to shop with, just the two of us.

We got out of there with our two big bags of Daiso loot and back on the monorail and then back to car and then, back home. We got home about ten minutes before Matt walked in the door, back from his trip. It was exciting to see him home so early, I wasn't expecting him for at least another hour!

Click on this photo below and then go to the right side of that screen and click on the words "Daiso purchases (set)" for more pics of what I ended up getting at Daiso.


Sadly, very little of the purchases were for our own family. I want bento boxes bad, bad, bad, but I'm not convinced I would actually use them. I tend to pack things like sandwiches and apples, which don't lend themselves well to the shape of bento boxes. Maybe some day when we have more space and I have more mental energy for getting creative with lunches!

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  1. yes, you are the Queen of Daiso! Thank you Thank you for being willing to go shopping for all of us :)


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