Friday, March 07, 2008

Zerberts and other fun things

I sure wish Matt was home more hours of the day so he could spend more time playing with the girls. He's the fun parent, you see. He does all the cool stuff with the girls that I don't have the time/patience/inclination to do.

For example, the three of them have been perfecting their zerberts. As I type this Eloise is laying some juicy ones on Matt's belly and both of them are laughing hysterically. Earlier in the night they were all on the bed zerberting like crazy on each other. Man, I hate zerberts. HATE them.

The other night I walked in to the living room after being in the kitchen for a while and found Iris applying my make-up to Matt's face. He sat there very patiently, dark brown eye shadow smeared in the general vicinity of his eyes, while Iris applied his lipstick. He left it like that, too, the whole night!

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