Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The dog is broked

Today I learned the hard lesson that Heidi couldn't care any less how sick I am, she still needs exercise. Fair enough. I dragged my butt off of my death bed and took her for a walk this morning and then took her to the dog park at Golden Gardens this afternoon. Here I thought once I took the leash off of her she would go crazy and run her fool head off. Um, no. She just stood there. I couldn't get her to run around for the life of me! Since we went to the dog park when it was raining, we were the only ones there. Finally another young dog showed up and Heidi romped around with her for a while. I was just so surprised that she stuck so close to me. I don't know if this is just her being too nervous to explore or if she just enjoys hanging out with me? Aren't puppies supposed to be crazy bounding lunatics? Not ours!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm in love!

We picked up Heidi late this morning and I am so in love with her!!!!

After I posted on Friday night I started reading all of this stuff online that was really shaking my belief that we should get a dog and when I went to bed that night I was like, oh my god, I'm going to have to tell that nice family that we can't take Heidi after all. When I woke up on Saturday I was just as excited as ever and enjoyed a solo trip to Mud Bay Granary to get some toys and food for Heidi. The wonderful sales lady who helped me gave me TONS of samples to take home and try. It was really sweet of her, but most of the stuff she sent me home with I could never afford to feed Heidi on a regular basis. Like cans of food that are $3 a piece and you need to feed 4-6 cans a day! Anyways. I got her some fun toys and treats, as well.

When I woke up this morning I was DEFINITELY ready to get Heidi. I got some errands out of the way and then the whole family drove up to Mill Creek to pick Heidi up. Matt hadn't met her before and was just as smitten with her as I was when he met her.

Since we have been home she has been sweet, calm, gentle, quiet and totally adorable. I can't even believe she's a young pup! She is so gentle with the girls, it's amazing. She hardly jumps, nips or barks. She investigates the girl's toys but doesn't really bite on them. Iris and I took her for a walk to the school playground down the street. There was a man there playing fetch with his poodle and Heidi ran right up and wanted to play and let the man rub her belly. She came to me when I called her and let me put the leash on her. She wasn't sure what to make of the basset hound who lives downstairs and howls when her owners are away, it made her very nervous. Hopefully Heidi gets used to it. The craziest thing is that Heidi looks so amazingly similar to our former dog, Lily. We are having lots of flash-backs to our time with Lily.

By far the hardest part of bringing Heidi home has been Eloise trying to pound on her. Heidi has been super, super patient and calm with her, which is amazing. Iris wants to play with her and feed her constantly, which is sweet. She is much more gentle with her than Eloise is, thankfully. One nice thing about living in a fairly small apartment is that we can be right on top of everything.

Anyways, I'm feeling confident going in to our first night with Heidi. I'm hoping she is okay sleeping and doesn't want to get up at the crack of dawn! I'll post pictures of her when our regular computer is fixed, as well.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Originally uploaded by mama_milkers

This is the doggy we're going to be adopting! Isn't she just the cutest thing?!?!?! We're going to go get her on Sunday! Sorry for the fuzzy picture. It was taken on my cell phone and she's all black and fluffy so she's hard to get a decent picture of.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Our family laptop is broken so I won't be updating here much for a couple of weeks. I only get computer time right now when Matt let's me snag his work laptop at night.

I'll catch up with all of your blogs when I'm back to being plugged in to the internet 24/7!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

So. F-ing. DONE.

What is WITH this season of illness?!?! I am really done. Really, really, really done. In the last few months we have all been the sickest we have ever been. Granted, two of the members of our family are very young, but still. This is saying alot for Matt and I.

Right now the third, yes THIRD, bout of gastroenteritis is making it's way through another member of our family. Poor Iris is laid out on the couch just feeling like shit. Three weeks ago Eloise got this illness and was out the whole next week with, well, let's just say her diapers were seriously foul. She was well for only a couple of weeks and now Iris is sick! Mostly I'm just terrified Iris doesn't have what Eloise just had and now Eloise is going to get sick AGAIN.

I have been talking with people and reading message boards and even doing a little eavesdropping and it is sounding to me like other people are having a particularly hard season, as well. I wonder why that is. I wonder if having such a hard season will bode well for us in future years? I always hear that kids who get sick more when they are little will get sick less when they are school-aged. I have no idea why, but even our pediatrician said it to me once, so it has some merit, I would think.

It's funny because I am the crazy woman who forces her kids to wash their hands/wipe with disinfecting wipes/disinfects carts and tables/keeps Iris home from school when the worst stuff is going around. Obviously I'm not doing enough. I try to give the girls immune boosters when I know they have likely been exposed to stuff, but not on a consistent basis.

Luckily Eloise is still in very, very good spirits. She is stomping through our place in over-sized ruby slippers and giggling up a storm with her dada.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I love Juno

Yesterday I bought a copy of Juno at Target. I watched it last night AND tonight. It's so good.

It snowed tonight. SNOWED. In Seattle. Crazy. It's now snowed in our hood twice in April. Such weird weather. I sent the kids and Matt out immediately to play in it since the snow doesn't last too long!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guess who is 20 months old today!

Okay, that's a pretty easy guess.

Eloise is celebrating her 20 month milestone with a raging fever, clinging to me like a little monkey and pretty much not sleeping for any decent stretches of time. I think I'm finally going to call the doctor today because I wonder if it might be an ear infection or something.

Besides that, though, she's been such a trip this last month. Her language is really exploding and it seems like every day she has something new to say. She has discovered how much fun it is to do "rodie" which is ring around the rosie. I remember Iris going through that phase of demanding to do it over and over and over.

She's doing other cute things, too, like carrying an empty cup over to the cat and crouching down and having a conversation with him about getting him to drink. It's definitely better than when she would just chuck things at him or lay on top of him (which I suppose still happens on occassion!). We have also been talking even more than normal about doggies lately because a new dog is in our not-so-distant future. I think Eloise is going to love having a dog!

Allright, my little klingon needs me back, more later!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That's the thing

The thing with not being busy is that I have lots of time to blog, but nothing to write about. The thing with being busy is that I have a million things to write about, but no time to do it. Obviously the lack of posts around this here blog might give you some kind of idea how we've been doing! Very good, but very busy.

A brief re-cap:

We are making huge strides wedding-wise. It's been so much lately with all of the planning. None of the last-minute stress and we're also far enough along that final decisions on many things are already being made. Although I haven't been updating much there lately, either, feel free to follow up with our wedding blog if you want to know more!

Eloise has a new-found fascination with shoving things up her nose. Last night we were mere minutes from hauling her off to the ER because she got a popcorn kernel shoved WAY up in her nose. Nothing we were doing was getting it out, but lo and behold, it came sliding out on it's own right as Matt hung up the phone with our doctor who instructed us to go to the ER. Eloise is also sick again. I don't understand what's going on with her! She was perfectly fine this morning and at the end of our walk around Greenlake she started shivering and was acting weird. By the time we got home I took her temp and she had a fever. She's been pretty cranky ever since but I decided to give her some medicine to help her rest. But now she's just awake and playing, so I guess it back-fired!

I've been making serious progress on the puppy issue. I have talked to a couple of local breeders and we will definitely be getting a puppy sometimes between six to twelve months from now. Matt is fully on board and we are super excited!!!!

We've also decided for sure that we are going to stay put in this craptastic apartment until we are Seattle area homeowners. Our goal is to own a home within 18 to 24 months. Already this weekend I am attending a home buying seminar (that is, like, a million hours long) and then Matt will go to one next weekend. It's all very exciting because it feels to me like we have a concrete plan instead of just sort of floating around changing our minds (or I should say, changing MY mind). Matt was the one who was always pushing for us to stay in Seattle, so he's pretty thrilled I am on board with buying a home here. I jokingly said to him I would agree to stay in Seattle if he would agree to getting a puppy. He replied "sold!" It just feels like we finally came up with a solution that thoroughly pleases both of us and is actually do-able.

Since we're planning on staying in this apartment we have some plans in place for sprucing the ol' place up a bit. Some paint for the living room walls, a new (to us) couch and a few other little things will make us all feel more at home here for a while longer. Our goal is to get to all of these things before the wedding so that it looks half-way decent when people come over to visit. We'll see!

I've been swimming and doing yoga. It feels so great to be so active. I did yoga on Sunday, swam yesterday and walked Greenlake today, I'm, like, practically healthy now! Tee Hee. Seriously, though, I can really feel the difference in myself physically and mentally.

Okay, I think I've covered most everything!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Everything is awesome

So much exciting news right now, where do I begin?

I'll start with the smaller stuff. A couple of weeks ago Eloise decided she no longer wanted to be laid down for her naps. It was awful, I either had to hold her in my arms while she slept or I would struggle with her in the bed until I gave up and she had no nap. I got some great advice on the message board I love on a trick to laying her down and it WORKED! Now she is napping in the bed again. Of course, she's taking a marathon nap today and we're waiting for her to wake up so we can go get Matt from work.

Extremely big news is that Matt is getting promoted to a Senior Manager at his job! Long story short, he is the bestest of all time at his job and is going to be in a new position that he had a heavy hand in creating for himself, which all of the upper folks thought was great and approved of. They are going to move him up very soon. I couldn't be more proud of him. He works very hard and deserves this promotion in a major way.

The other bit of exciting news is that there is a very real possibility we're getting a puppy in the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another long story short, I emailed a Portuguese Water Dog breeder whose dog was going to be having puppies and she is interested in selling one to us. We might not look that good to a breeder, since we live in an apartment and have small children, but I absolutely have my heart set on a dog and know we will provide him with the perfect home full of love and lots of playing! We are going to go meet the breeder later this month and see her lovely dogs. I talked to her on the phone this afternoon and was shaking when I hung up, that's how excited I was. Porties are a huge financial commitment and I am sooooo lucky Matt is on board with making the investment. He said, whatever makes me happy, makes him happy. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

I've also been looking more online for either a new home for us to rent (preferably with a yard) or a home to buy. The more I look the more I realize there ARE homes to buy in our price range in Seattle. I wish the home prices were dropping here as fast as they are everywhere else in the country, but what can you do. This is where we want to live and Matt's promotion means we need to stay here. I used to feel so defeated, but I just needed to turn that frown upside-down! We WILL find the right place to live, and with Matt's new job and the pay increase that will accompany it, I think we might be on track to home-ownership before too long.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend of fun!

We such a fun weekend. I wish every one could be so wonderful!

Matt always lets me sleep in on the weekends, so that's how I started Saturday morning. Then we all puttered around a bit before packing up and heading over to West Seattle to talk to the woman who is doing the photography for our wedding. She used to date my brother something like 15 years ago and now lives here in Seattle, so I got in touch with her about doing the pictures. We show up at their lovely home and they have a little girl the same age as Iris and she had about 25 little princess dresses that the girls ran around dressed up in. They made us an amazing lunch and we sat and chatted while the kids played. It was really so great and neat to see this woman again after that many years.

On Saturday night Matt's sister came over and got a bunch of supplies to make pizza and she and Matt and Iris put together some pizzas for us. It was a really nice visit with her, as it always is.

This afternoon we went over to a friend's house to talk to him about our wedding invitations. He had told Matt that he was going to make us a late lunch, so we were intrigued by what he would have ready. When we got there he said he was making Pad Thai and had everything set out and showed us how to cook it. AND he had bought the dry ingredients for us to bring home to make our own! I thought that was so incredibly sweet. The food was AMAZING and we can't wait to try it ourselves.

After visiting with those friends we got home in time for me to get to a yoga class and our other friend came by with her little girl to watch Iris and Eloise for us so Matt could go to play basketball. When I got home from yoga my friend and I sat and visited while the girls watched tv. It's always so nice to catch up with her and I got the good news that she finally broke-up with a woman she was in a toxic friendship with. It was something I was hoping she would do for a while, but my friend is such a committed person, it was hard for her to get to the point that she decided to end it.

I'm looking forward to swimming once or twice this week and also Iris going back to school after being on spring break. It's only two mornings a week, but it's so wonderful for her to have that interaction with other kids and for Eloise and I to have the time alone together while Iris is gone.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oh joy!

Solid poo has returned to the littlest member of our household and life can resume as normal. Yay! Every time we get over another big illness I think to myself "well, THAT certainly has to be the last time anyone is sick this season!" but I've learned to just shut my trap, because I've been wrong a few times already.

I realized I never really updated on how Eloise's teeth were after the whole debacle of being pushed face-first in to the arm of our futon (hmmmm, just one more reason we need to get rid of that crappy thing?). She was at the dentist for the second time this past Tuesday and things seem to be okay. Her one front tooth was pushed out of place so it will be a matter of time before we know how it affects the tooth next to it or the permanent tooth that will grow in behind it. The mama in me worries about how goofy her smile will look, as well. Hopefully just goofy in an endearing way and not in an "oh my god what happened to that kid!" way.

Yesterday I took the girls to an indoor play area and we had a lot of fun. I hadn't been there with Iris since before Eloise was born! Iris found a friend and raced around and jumped in the bouncy houses and rode on the trikes and Eloise toddled around and drove Little Tikes cars and slid down slides. I was especially happy that neither of them got in too big of scuffles with any other children. I always worry that I'm going to be the mama of the kids that other parents fear, but yesterday all was well. In fact, the biggest upset of the day came from another child pushing Iris off a trike (and where was his parent? Probably one of the ones lined up against the wall reading a magazine).

For the first time in many years I went to a lap swim at the neighborhood pool. It was fantastic. I am a water person. I love, love, love the water. I grew up with Lake Michigan literally in my backyard and all of my summers on a sailboat, so swimming is just something I have always done. I was pleasantly surprised at how much stamina I had and how many laps I was able to do. The only downside of swimming is how awful you smell afterwards. Blech.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nothin to see here

I wish I had an update. Believe me. I soooooooooooooo wish I had an update. Nothing much is new, unfortunately. Still cleaning diarrhea off every surface of our home. Still feeling a bit homebound, though we did get out to a park this morning and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful spring weather!

If you haven't visited our wedding blog in a while, there is actually a new post up over there!

Come visit Notes on our Nuptials if you want to see the cuteness.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh, the poo!



So, Miss Eloise is still recovering from some sort of tummy bug. I wasn't convinced by the vomiting, but I am by the incessant diarrhea. Yowzers. It's bad, folks. I think we already have had 10 diaper changes today and it's not even 7:00 here. I would be much more worried if she wasn't acting totally normal otherwise. Well, she's not eating much, but she's drinking water and nursing like a fiend, so I think we're good. But, wow, the watery poo. The smell. The running down the leg and pooling on the floor in an instant . . . It's pretty scary!

Today we took the girls to the dentist and then I took Iris to our good friend's house. Couldn't bring Eloise, for reasons previously stated, so she stayed home with Matt. Iris and I had a good time. It was nice for me to feel more relaxed without two kids to watch over. It was mostly a fantastic time except for a brief period that Iris got cranky in the pizza place and threw a small cup across the room. Ah, yes. That's my girl! We worked through it and all was well.