Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The dog is broked

Today I learned the hard lesson that Heidi couldn't care any less how sick I am, she still needs exercise. Fair enough. I dragged my butt off of my death bed and took her for a walk this morning and then took her to the dog park at Golden Gardens this afternoon. Here I thought once I took the leash off of her she would go crazy and run her fool head off. Um, no. She just stood there. I couldn't get her to run around for the life of me! Since we went to the dog park when it was raining, we were the only ones there. Finally another young dog showed up and Heidi romped around with her for a while. I was just so surprised that she stuck so close to me. I don't know if this is just her being too nervous to explore or if she just enjoys hanging out with me? Aren't puppies supposed to be crazy bounding lunatics? Not ours!

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  1. Cute doggie! and my laptop has been broken for a while. Luckily, John has an extra work laptop that we use, but I cannot install anything on it. When it goes I'll have to break down and fork out some money for another computer. Your girls are getting so big!


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