Friday, April 11, 2008

Everything is awesome

So much exciting news right now, where do I begin?

I'll start with the smaller stuff. A couple of weeks ago Eloise decided she no longer wanted to be laid down for her naps. It was awful, I either had to hold her in my arms while she slept or I would struggle with her in the bed until I gave up and she had no nap. I got some great advice on the message board I love on a trick to laying her down and it WORKED! Now she is napping in the bed again. Of course, she's taking a marathon nap today and we're waiting for her to wake up so we can go get Matt from work.

Extremely big news is that Matt is getting promoted to a Senior Manager at his job! Long story short, he is the bestest of all time at his job and is going to be in a new position that he had a heavy hand in creating for himself, which all of the upper folks thought was great and approved of. They are going to move him up very soon. I couldn't be more proud of him. He works very hard and deserves this promotion in a major way.

The other bit of exciting news is that there is a very real possibility we're getting a puppy in the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another long story short, I emailed a Portuguese Water Dog breeder whose dog was going to be having puppies and she is interested in selling one to us. We might not look that good to a breeder, since we live in an apartment and have small children, but I absolutely have my heart set on a dog and know we will provide him with the perfect home full of love and lots of playing! We are going to go meet the breeder later this month and see her lovely dogs. I talked to her on the phone this afternoon and was shaking when I hung up, that's how excited I was. Porties are a huge financial commitment and I am sooooo lucky Matt is on board with making the investment. He said, whatever makes me happy, makes him happy. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

I've also been looking more online for either a new home for us to rent (preferably with a yard) or a home to buy. The more I look the more I realize there ARE homes to buy in our price range in Seattle. I wish the home prices were dropping here as fast as they are everywhere else in the country, but what can you do. This is where we want to live and Matt's promotion means we need to stay here. I used to feel so defeated, but I just needed to turn that frown upside-down! We WILL find the right place to live, and with Matt's new job and the pay increase that will accompany it, I think we might be on track to home-ownership before too long.


  1. Kudos on getting a Portuguese Water Dog. They are loving, playful and non-allergenic. =)

  2. good luck with the house! we are currently going the "rent a house" route. and we are even doing the "do it with a non-related friend" route, since that is how we will be able to afford it! i know how frustrating it can be, and my fingers are crossed for you guys!

  3. good news all around. i thought about you all the other day... did you hear that npr segment on the seattle housing market? said that it was actually starting to lower (finally!) and that though seattle was one of the last places to feel the recent crunch, prices were coming DOWN! woohoo!


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