Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guess who is 20 months old today!

Okay, that's a pretty easy guess.

Eloise is celebrating her 20 month milestone with a raging fever, clinging to me like a little monkey and pretty much not sleeping for any decent stretches of time. I think I'm finally going to call the doctor today because I wonder if it might be an ear infection or something.

Besides that, though, she's been such a trip this last month. Her language is really exploding and it seems like every day she has something new to say. She has discovered how much fun it is to do "rodie" which is ring around the rosie. I remember Iris going through that phase of demanding to do it over and over and over.

She's doing other cute things, too, like carrying an empty cup over to the cat and crouching down and having a conversation with him about getting him to drink. It's definitely better than when she would just chuck things at him or lay on top of him (which I suppose still happens on occassion!). We have also been talking even more than normal about doggies lately because a new dog is in our not-so-distant future. I think Eloise is going to love having a dog!

Allright, my little klingon needs me back, more later!

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  1. Hey our doc said there's a flu going around right now with really high fever and no other symptoms. She said 3 days of a fever and bring him in. Well, she of course said I could bring him in before but we are hoping it just passes over us and the worst, his fever was up to 104 in the armpit, was today!!! Did we catch your flu over email? :)


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