Saturday, April 19, 2008

So. F-ing. DONE.

What is WITH this season of illness?!?! I am really done. Really, really, really done. In the last few months we have all been the sickest we have ever been. Granted, two of the members of our family are very young, but still. This is saying alot for Matt and I.

Right now the third, yes THIRD, bout of gastroenteritis is making it's way through another member of our family. Poor Iris is laid out on the couch just feeling like shit. Three weeks ago Eloise got this illness and was out the whole next week with, well, let's just say her diapers were seriously foul. She was well for only a couple of weeks and now Iris is sick! Mostly I'm just terrified Iris doesn't have what Eloise just had and now Eloise is going to get sick AGAIN.

I have been talking with people and reading message boards and even doing a little eavesdropping and it is sounding to me like other people are having a particularly hard season, as well. I wonder why that is. I wonder if having such a hard season will bode well for us in future years? I always hear that kids who get sick more when they are little will get sick less when they are school-aged. I have no idea why, but even our pediatrician said it to me once, so it has some merit, I would think.

It's funny because I am the crazy woman who forces her kids to wash their hands/wipe with disinfecting wipes/disinfects carts and tables/keeps Iris home from school when the worst stuff is going around. Obviously I'm not doing enough. I try to give the girls immune boosters when I know they have likely been exposed to stuff, but not on a consistent basis.

Luckily Eloise is still in very, very good spirits. She is stomping through our place in over-sized ruby slippers and giggling up a storm with her dada.

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  1. Ironically, the best way to boost kids immune system is to breast feed (obviously) and to be exposed to all those annoying colds and stomach bugs in childhood.

    In order to actually be immune to an illness the body has to have antibodies specifically targeting the specific virus. Immune boosters will help make the immune system stronger so the virus may not last as long or be as bad, and it will help the immune system fight the virus before it makes room for bacterial infection. But the body needes antibodies specifically targeted to the individual virus itself. And the only way to get that is to have been exposed to the virus. That is why flu shots work - because there is such a tiny amount of the virus the person doesn't get sick, but it helps their antibodies create specific warlords to fight that specific virus.

    Flu shots are actually a form of homeopathic medicine. If only they could get the right strain of flu in them. But that's almost impossible because it's really a guessing game anyway.

    Anyway, so the reason that the kids won't get sick so much as they get older is that they will have so many antibiodies that can recognize the incoming viruses. Viruses can mutate so it doesn't mean they'll reach a point they'll never get sick again, but most viruses don't mutate so much that the body doesn't recognize. That's why after awhile nurses and doctors don't get sick every time someone sick comes into their office.

    So, if you get sick before Eloise, but you're breastfeeding her, then she will already have the antibodies of the illness from your breast milk and will either not get sick or will only barely get sick.

    Everytime I get sick my only comfort is that "Ok, this is one less virus we'll catch in the future!"


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