Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That's the thing

The thing with not being busy is that I have lots of time to blog, but nothing to write about. The thing with being busy is that I have a million things to write about, but no time to do it. Obviously the lack of posts around this here blog might give you some kind of idea how we've been doing! Very good, but very busy.

A brief re-cap:

We are making huge strides wedding-wise. It's been so much lately with all of the planning. None of the last-minute stress and we're also far enough along that final decisions on many things are already being made. Although I haven't been updating much there lately, either, feel free to follow up with our wedding blog if you want to know more!

Eloise has a new-found fascination with shoving things up her nose. Last night we were mere minutes from hauling her off to the ER because she got a popcorn kernel shoved WAY up in her nose. Nothing we were doing was getting it out, but lo and behold, it came sliding out on it's own right as Matt hung up the phone with our doctor who instructed us to go to the ER. Eloise is also sick again. I don't understand what's going on with her! She was perfectly fine this morning and at the end of our walk around Greenlake she started shivering and was acting weird. By the time we got home I took her temp and she had a fever. She's been pretty cranky ever since but I decided to give her some medicine to help her rest. But now she's just awake and playing, so I guess it back-fired!

I've been making serious progress on the puppy issue. I have talked to a couple of local breeders and we will definitely be getting a puppy sometimes between six to twelve months from now. Matt is fully on board and we are super excited!!!!

We've also decided for sure that we are going to stay put in this craptastic apartment until we are Seattle area homeowners. Our goal is to own a home within 18 to 24 months. Already this weekend I am attending a home buying seminar (that is, like, a million hours long) and then Matt will go to one next weekend. It's all very exciting because it feels to me like we have a concrete plan instead of just sort of floating around changing our minds (or I should say, changing MY mind). Matt was the one who was always pushing for us to stay in Seattle, so he's pretty thrilled I am on board with buying a home here. I jokingly said to him I would agree to stay in Seattle if he would agree to getting a puppy. He replied "sold!" It just feels like we finally came up with a solution that thoroughly pleases both of us and is actually do-able.

Since we're planning on staying in this apartment we have some plans in place for sprucing the ol' place up a bit. Some paint for the living room walls, a new (to us) couch and a few other little things will make us all feel more at home here for a while longer. Our goal is to get to all of these things before the wedding so that it looks half-way decent when people come over to visit. We'll see!

I've been swimming and doing yoga. It feels so great to be so active. I did yoga on Sunday, swam yesterday and walked Greenlake today, I'm, like, practically healthy now! Tee Hee. Seriously, though, I can really feel the difference in myself physically and mentally.

Okay, I think I've covered most everything!

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