Friday, May 30, 2008


I haven't gone out with my dear friend Melissa on an MNO (Mama's night out) in a loooooong time. Tonight we had one, though! It as so great to see her, just the two of us, and get to chat and catch up. We hardly ever get to see each other and when we do we are collectively wrangling four children, so any sort of in-depth conversation is out the window. Not tonight! We sipped margaritas and discussed life. Mostly my life, cause I'm selfish like that. Oops.

I am very, very excited that my dear, brilliant, friend came up with a solution to our school dilemma next year. Long story short, I am going to look in to having Iris enrolled two days a week at her current school and then two days a week, along with Eloise, at the school my friend and her son are a part of. It didn't look like Eloise was going to get to go to school this coming year because we were so focused on Iris and her school (is that terrible of me?) but this solution might just work out really well! We'll see anyways.

After our margarita drinking, and my taco munching, we went to Target. Do we know how to have a good time or what? Ha ha. I picked up lots of random stuff including a pair of pink glittery shoes that we will give Iris as part of her birthday presents.

It was so much fun. We seriously need to get out more, I am sure Melissa would agree?

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have been following a blog called Wardrobe 911 for a while. I don't know why, but it's fun to look at the clothes and dream about having the money and time to dress so nicely!

Anyways, as I was catching up via Bloglines tonight I noticed a link for a quiz that would tell you what your body type was. I always wondered what I was, so I whipped out my tape measure and entered the data in to the calculator. Guess what? My silhouette was undetermined! What in the world could that mean?!?!

Go and take the quiz yourself HERE. Hopefully they got somethin' for you, because me? I got nuthin'.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scratch Patch

Yesterday I took Iris to Scratch Patch for a little date. It was so much fun! You just sit on the floor amongst thousands (millions?) of gemstones and can sift through them for as long as you like. We bought a medium sized bag for Iris to take some gemstones home with her. Of course, she chose mostly all rose quartz because they are pink!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Closing in on the end of our weekend

It has been so much fun to have a three day weekend! I think we need to do this every weekend ;)

Saturday started with a fun trip to the dog park. Heidi loves finding other dogs who will romp around with her, which is interestingly harder than it sounds at a dog park! Matt played with the girls at the playground while Heidi and I did our dog thing. He reported that Eloise had a VERY hard time not being so rough with the other kids there. I am not sure what the heck is going on with her. She just wants to hit and push and pull every other small child within a ten foot radius. We can't leave her alone for a second, it's so frustrating.

On Saturday night we went to a friend's wedding ALONE! Without children! A HUGE thank you to Julia for watching our girls and giving us this much, much needed time away. Matt and I had so much fun. I thought about it and I believe our last date night was the night before New Year's Eve. Yes, very sad indeed. The ceremony was held on the roof of a building right on the waterfront, with the Puget Sound and the Seattle city skyline as the backdrop. There were tons of people there, including many of our friends. Dinner was okay and we had to leave before the cake (dammit!). The only thing I was bummed about was that the event seemed so, well, generic. I wished the bride and groom had injected more of their personality in to the ceremony and reception. Matt's dear friend Adam officiated at the ceremony, as he will be at ours, so it was really fun to see him in action.

Yesterday we took a couple of hours to drive around and check out some neighborhoods that could potentially be where we buy our new house! We really fell in love with the south end of West Seattle, where there were plenty of houses in our extremely modest price range. It was such a gorgeous day on Sunday, as well, so I am sure that helped make everything look all pretty and perfect!

Last night I joined my friend Julie and some of her friends and her sister for a dinner out as an early birthday treat. She is leaving next week to go to a hypnotherapy training course for seven weeks and won't be back until shortly before the wedding! Can't wait to have her hypnotize me, hee hee.

I also came to the realization this weekend that wine is NOT my friend. I drank almost three glasses on Saturday night and felt so incredibly terrible. I thought that maybe I had to stop drinking all together because it's just not worth it to feel like you've been hit by a truck in order to drink a little bit. I was telling Julie about this and she said that many women she knows hit a point where they had to stop drinking wine because it made them feel so terrible. I had no idea! So I tested the theory that it was just the wine (and not the alcohol in general) that was making me feel so terrible by drinking a margarita with dinner last night. Alas, I felt fine afterwards. Hurrah!

Friday, May 23, 2008

So exciting

I spoke again with our mortgage broker today and after "running the numbers" for us he found that we qualified for a pretty decent sized loan. We couldn't believe it. After all of the financial struggles we have had we figured we were years away from owning our home. Nope. We could be home owners before we even get married, if we want to be! It's all so very, very exciting. It doesn't even feel real, actually.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sick. AGAIN.

Holy crap. I'm sick. AGAIN. Another cold. It's been three short weeks since I got over my last one. Fun! I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me, why am I getting sick so much? I swear I get sick more than my children do these days.

There is some exciting news, though. Yesterday a mortgage broker came over to visit with Matt and I and go over some info about how we can buy our first house. He left with some of our info and crunched some numbers and emailed us this morning about what he found out. Apparently, we're in a much better situation than we thought we were, which is VERY exciting for us. The mortgage broker and real estate agent that we're talking to both taught at the home buying seminar I attended a few weeks back and are both incredibly nice guys and want to work with us to find us the right home and get us a decent mortgage. As little as a year ago Matt and I thought there was absolutely no way we would ever own our own home in Seattle. We had many discussions/arguments about moving away from Seattle in order to be able to buy a home, but alas, we decided to finally plant our roots right here. After the wedding our next big thing will be buying our first home! At least we're putting it off until then, I couldn't even imagine how we would try to do it at the same time as everything else we're doing. Added to the fact we're waiting for the wedding present cash to start rolling in so that we have some sort of down payment. Hee hee.

So despite the illness, life is good. I'm really looking forward to going to our friend's wedding this Saturday, as well. I don't know the last time Matt and I had any kind of date, so we're so excited to have some alone time. Julia is watching our girls, which the girls are very excited about, as well. Matt's friend Adam, who is officiating our wedding ceremony, is also officiating at the wedding we're going to, so it will be very fun to watch him in action. I even bought a new dress for the occasion, one that shows my knees which is a very big deal for me. Not sure if my legs look any better than they used to or if I just don't care any more, but it will be fun to try out a new style.

I'm also super happy to report that all of my clothing from last summer is too big for me! Shorts that were too tight for me last year are now falling off of my admittedly very flat booty. It will be fun to go shopping for new summer clothes, something I look forward to doing in a week and a half when Matt is at his parents house with BOTH of the girls. Um, yes, I will be home, alone, sipping lemonade and watching back to back episodes of Sex and the City on DVD while everyone is away.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cute video of my three girls

We have been having fun trying to teach Heidi how to fetch. Unfortunately, my girls enjoy chasing her toys just as much as she does and Heidi is gentle enough to always, always let them have the toy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eloise is 21 months!

I can't believe I totally forgot to update on Eloise's 21 month birthday. Bad mama, bad!

Let's see. This past month we've added Heidi to our family so that has been a new source of excitement for Eloise. She is having a little trouble being gentle, mostly she tries to pull on Heidi's fur, but luckily the dog is MUCH more gentle than the toddler is.

Oh my, and a couple of other points of excitement for Miss Eloise: down the street someone parked a big, pink duck (think something built for a parade) out on their lawn. Eloise LOVES it. She started calling it "Ming Ming Duck", which we're not sure why, but it's become the topic of frequent conversation in our home. Every time we go out of the house we have to drive/walk past it. Matt also introduced her to these Baby Genius videos on our on-demand feature through our cable. She loves them, as did Iris at her age. The main character in them is called Vinko, the dancing bear. So, Eloise just says "Minko! Minko!" and then we watch a video or two. They are all annoying kid songs, but hey, the excitement in Eloise's face is priceless when a "Minko" video is on!

Eloise is also really in to removing her diaper and has twice in the past month pooped on the floor. Last night when she did it she blamed it on the dog! Oh my, she is getting smart!

Not much else to report, we're looking forward to closing in on her two year birthday at the end of the summer!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So after just over three weeks of our precious laptop being off in fix-it land, it came home to us yesterday. Unfortunately, despite being told all of our data that was on the hard drive would be saved, it wasn't. The computer was completely wiped clear of everything we ever put on it. Ugh. This has been a lesson in letting it go, for sure. Nothing I can do now but be more prepared next time. Besides losing a few months worth of pictures, losing all of the data we had collected for our wedding invite list and addresses is the biggest let-down. My fear is that we'll try to re-create the list and forget some people who have already gotten a save-the-date card. Gulp.

The weather is supposed to be so amazingly beautiful here today and we are looking forward to getting out of the house and soaking up some sun! Heidi is at the the vet getting spayed today (poor girl) so we're going to go frolic on the beach or some other place where Heidi wouldn't be able to join us anyways and be completely guilt-free! Ha ha.

My favorite thing about Heidi is how much she keeps me active. We have gone on an hour or more of walks every day! Sometimes I do those walks with over 30 pounds on my back from Eloise in the backpack and then pushing Iris in the stroller. Whew! So I'm carting, what, like 80 pounds on most of the walks? No wonder I'm losing weight so successfully. Thank goodness for a dog to keep me motivated!

I should come back later and write a separate post on how much I've struggled with the girls lately. Eloise's newest thing is just running off as fast and as far as she can go. Yesterday that meant across the parking lot and straight in to the street before I could catch her. I may be re-thinking my stance on no leashes on children. Iris never did this, or rather, if she did I wasn't as concerned about it because she was the only thing I was ever focused on most of the time. I've got my hands a little more full these days. Anyways, I'll come back later to write more.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Still around!

Whew! I can't believed I survived 2 1/2 days totally computer-free! Matt was in Louisville on business and of course, took his work laptop with him. The nerve! I did okay, though. Even the internet on my phone wasn't working for some weird reason, but at least I could still read my emails on my phone.

It's so awesome and so frustrating when Matt gets home from his trips. I always miss him terribly when he's gone and count down the seconds until his return. For some reason Iris has a tough time with the transition of her dad getting home after being gone. She acts amazingly rotten and pretty much does every single sassy thing she can possibly think of. It sucks because I'm exhausted of being on 24/7 kid-duty and Matt is exhausted from getting so little sleep on his trip. We just want our girls to be easy and lovely and relax, but that isn't ever the way it works. I think we're back on track a little bit after a rough morning.

This morning we went over to a huge park that has a playground and the city's biggest dog park. I brought Heidi to meet other "doodles". That is, dogs who have been bred with Poodles. The idea of a Doodle meetup just seemed a little too silly to me, but I was excited to go, anyways, so Heidi could get some doggy interaction. It turned out to be really fun and Heidi had a great time. For some reason these types of dogs, all Labradoodles and Goldendoodles (except for Heidi, who is an Aussiedoodle) were so incredibly well-behaved. There were a lot of them there, maybe 30, and the only little fight I saw involved a dog that wasn't a "doodle" getting in another dog's business. Usually at dog parks Heidi is nervous and sticks right by me, but today she raced all over and had a blast. I'm excited to get together with that group next month. I found this group on on the suggestion of a random gentleman I met on the street who was inquiring about my dog.

I am really enjoying Heidi. While Matt was gone it was a little tricky to get Heidi the amount of exercising that she needed, but I still did it! On Thursday she got three walks, one that was 45 minutes and two more 30 minute walks. Pretty good when I'm pushing a stroller and wearing an almost 30 lb child in a backpack!

Wedding planning stuff has been coming along despite our computer being in the shop. I got Matt's and the groomsmen's ties from an Etsy seller, I got the gifts for the bridesmaids and the invites are well underway. A good friend is designing them and printing them for us for free, as a gift to us. Isn't that fantastic?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I already let Matt know not to get me anything. Heidi is my big gift and the most perfect thing for me :)

I recently decided not to go to New Jersey at the end of the month after all. I'm a little annoyed that I won't get the money back for the plane ticket I bought, but oh well. I was so excited at first and it just completely lost the excitement for me after some drama that went down and then just feeling like there were more things I'd rather be doing at home. So, Matt is still going to go away with the girls as he already had planned on doing that weekend and I will stay home and do some projects, including painting the living room (finally!). The excitement for the weekend returned and it can't come fast enough!

What else? I think that's the big stuff. The computer should be back this week and I will resume picture posting (aren't you just dying to see a decent picture of our pup?!?!) and just regular posting in general.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Still on hiatus

We still don't have a computer and when I finally called HP to find out what was going on they said they were waiting fo rus to basically fork over our first born child in order to have it fixed. Grrr.

Anyways, I will be totally without computer access until the weekend and lord knows when our computer will finally be fixed and returned to us. I have so many pictures to share, and am lamenting the fact that many of the recent shots we had stored on our old computer will likely be lost as they replace our hard drive. I am so lucky Matt has been backing up stuff on to our external hard drive!!!

We are all doing well. Heidi is a blast. Life is good.