Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eloise is 21 months!

I can't believe I totally forgot to update on Eloise's 21 month birthday. Bad mama, bad!

Let's see. This past month we've added Heidi to our family so that has been a new source of excitement for Eloise. She is having a little trouble being gentle, mostly she tries to pull on Heidi's fur, but luckily the dog is MUCH more gentle than the toddler is.

Oh my, and a couple of other points of excitement for Miss Eloise: down the street someone parked a big, pink duck (think something built for a parade) out on their lawn. Eloise LOVES it. She started calling it "Ming Ming Duck", which we're not sure why, but it's become the topic of frequent conversation in our home. Every time we go out of the house we have to drive/walk past it. Matt also introduced her to these Baby Genius videos on our on-demand feature through our cable. She loves them, as did Iris at her age. The main character in them is called Vinko, the dancing bear. So, Eloise just says "Minko! Minko!" and then we watch a video or two. They are all annoying kid songs, but hey, the excitement in Eloise's face is priceless when a "Minko" video is on!

Eloise is also really in to removing her diaper and has twice in the past month pooped on the floor. Last night when she did it she blamed it on the dog! Oh my, she is getting smart!

Not much else to report, we're looking forward to closing in on her two year birthday at the end of the summer!


  1. On the "Ming Ming Duck" front, has Eloise ever seen an episode of The Wonder Pets? Because the little duck on the show is named Ming Ming. Just a thought!

  2. m stole the comment right out from under me. of course, we do live together, and the Wonder Pets are one of my personal favourites...

  3. Hey I momentarily forgot why I came to your blog tonight (it's um, late, that's my story) and I saw this part about the float. I happened to see it as I was looping back to your apartment this evening. Random! I'll have new appreciation for your pictures now that I've seen your apartment in person.


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