Thursday, May 15, 2008


So after just over three weeks of our precious laptop being off in fix-it land, it came home to us yesterday. Unfortunately, despite being told all of our data that was on the hard drive would be saved, it wasn't. The computer was completely wiped clear of everything we ever put on it. Ugh. This has been a lesson in letting it go, for sure. Nothing I can do now but be more prepared next time. Besides losing a few months worth of pictures, losing all of the data we had collected for our wedding invite list and addresses is the biggest let-down. My fear is that we'll try to re-create the list and forget some people who have already gotten a save-the-date card. Gulp.

The weather is supposed to be so amazingly beautiful here today and we are looking forward to getting out of the house and soaking up some sun! Heidi is at the the vet getting spayed today (poor girl) so we're going to go frolic on the beach or some other place where Heidi wouldn't be able to join us anyways and be completely guilt-free! Ha ha.

My favorite thing about Heidi is how much she keeps me active. We have gone on an hour or more of walks every day! Sometimes I do those walks with over 30 pounds on my back from Eloise in the backpack and then pushing Iris in the stroller. Whew! So I'm carting, what, like 80 pounds on most of the walks? No wonder I'm losing weight so successfully. Thank goodness for a dog to keep me motivated!

I should come back later and write a separate post on how much I've struggled with the girls lately. Eloise's newest thing is just running off as fast and as far as she can go. Yesterday that meant across the parking lot and straight in to the street before I could catch her. I may be re-thinking my stance on no leashes on children. Iris never did this, or rather, if she did I wasn't as concerned about it because she was the only thing I was ever focused on most of the time. I've got my hands a little more full these days. Anyways, I'll come back later to write more.


  1. I [semi-successfully] survived being a leashed kid. Yesterday I was hanging out with my mom and we saw two little girls on leashes. My mom was very excited to see that they were still in use and commended the moms.

    As I walked out the door, I said, "They don't work past sixteen, so get used to it now."


  2. andy's life has been saved more than once by his monkey backpack. they are more than worth it.

  3. I used a wring sling (maya wrap) tightened around dd's waist when she hit this stage. I was 7-8 months pregnant at the time so it was a real life saver. It didn't have a "leash" feel to it, and sometimes she asked for her "sash"!


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