Friday, May 30, 2008


I haven't gone out with my dear friend Melissa on an MNO (Mama's night out) in a loooooong time. Tonight we had one, though! It as so great to see her, just the two of us, and get to chat and catch up. We hardly ever get to see each other and when we do we are collectively wrangling four children, so any sort of in-depth conversation is out the window. Not tonight! We sipped margaritas and discussed life. Mostly my life, cause I'm selfish like that. Oops.

I am very, very excited that my dear, brilliant, friend came up with a solution to our school dilemma next year. Long story short, I am going to look in to having Iris enrolled two days a week at her current school and then two days a week, along with Eloise, at the school my friend and her son are a part of. It didn't look like Eloise was going to get to go to school this coming year because we were so focused on Iris and her school (is that terrible of me?) but this solution might just work out really well! We'll see anyways.

After our margarita drinking, and my taco munching, we went to Target. Do we know how to have a good time or what? Ha ha. I picked up lots of random stuff including a pair of pink glittery shoes that we will give Iris as part of her birthday presents.

It was so much fun. We seriously need to get out more, I am sure Melissa would agree?

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